Robin Lopez Deathly Scared of Disneyland's Splash Mountain Ride

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 15, 2012

Photo Credit: Grantland
Photo Credit: Grantland

Grantland brings the world a moment so adorable we may have to adopt it from the pound and raise it like a puppy. 

Poor little Robin Lopez couldn't stand up to the wettest and wildest ride this side of Critter Country. The Hornets center took a plunge down Splash Mountain, and the result was this:

I think we can all agree one of two things are taking place here. 

Either Lopez set up his reaction as every last person does before getting onto the log ride, or he is actually scared of the drop. 

As best we can tell, that is Brook Lopez losing his mind right behind his terrified twin. Brook is holding onto a lady's arm for some reason, adding to an already convoluted image. It might take an entire lifetime to break down all that is going on in this wonderful capture from Disneyland. 

We would also like to tip our hat to BuzzFeed for getting an early jump on Lopez freaking out like a small child. 

Honestly, I'm surprised the brothers Lopez found it necessary to hop on Splash Mountain, the most overrated ride at the Magic Kingdom. 

The line is always too long and you always come out of it with the guarantee of a complimentary head cold. 

No, for my money it's Star Tours and a churro. 


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