Breaking Down New Nike Kevin Durant 'Glow in the Dark' KD V Shoes

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistNovember 14, 2012

Courtesy of NikeBlog.com
Courtesy of NikeBlog.com

In the next wave of shoes that will sweep the NBA Nation, Nike and Kevin Durant have teamed up for a sneaker that glows in the dark. 

Like a software patch for a video game, or a new model of the iPhone or iPad, these shoes are a new version of the KD V shoes that will drop in retail stores on December 8, though you can get them at the NikeiD store right now. 

As is always the case when a hot new pair of kicks hits the open market, we are going to walk you through the look, design and overall swag of Durant's hot new shoes just in time for the holiday season. 

"Wow" Factor: 7.5 out of 10

Durant's shoes are always some of the most creative in the NBA. He has a very old-school touch and feel that he wants to bring out, while at the same time embracing his youth and the new ways that shoes can pop. 

However, these are not perfect. They are still very entertaining and would be enjoyable to wear. Yet they fall short of greatness, ironically, because they are almost too new school. It's a good high-top shoe, but it's not trying to reinvent the wheel. 

Durant understands what people like and he has given it to them. It is like a musician who releases one album that is a hit. They feel the need to placate the audience by giving them more of that rather than trying something new that could alienate a portion of the fanbase it built. 

Design: 8.5 out of 10

First, let me say right off the bat that I am a sucker for anything "glow in the dark." When I was a kid, I was always mesmerized by glow in the dark stickers, light sticks, etc., so I am biased here. 

That said, the design outside of the glow in the dark features is very good. The swoosh logo really pops off the side with this particular color. Plus, the look where it appears there are stars floating around in the shoe is a very nice touch. 

We always picture basketball players soaring over the rest of the world when they go up for a dunk, so it makes sense that a shoe would embrace that and appear like the galaxy is at your feet.

Overall Grade: 8 out of 10

This is a shoe that would be fun to use in the gym in a game of pick-up with your friends, as well as wear if the power goes out. You need that kind of versatility if you are going to drop $150 on a pair of shoes. 

I do prefer this particular iteration of the KD V shoe to the creamsicle color. That was trying to be too flashy, whereas this one has a lot more substance to go along with the flash and style. 

It won't go down in history as a shoe that will forever change the way basketball sneakers get made or are marketed, but it is a solid shoe that deserves to sit alongside the rest of the shoes in your closet. 


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