10 Reasons the Packers Have the Best Fans in the NFL

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIDecember 19, 2012

10 Reasons the Packers Have the Best Fans in the NFL

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    Attempting to name which team has the best fans in the NFL is no easy task, because every fan thinks his or her favorite team has the best fans. However, this debate isn't about feelings, it is about facts.

    When you lay out all of the facts for all 32 franchises in the NFL, the only team that comes out on top time and time again is the Green Bay Packers. Here are 10 reasons why they have the best fans in the NFL.

Owned by the People

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    No other NFL franchise is owned by the community like the Green Bay Packers are. In fact, no other professional sports team is owned by the people like the Packers are.

    This makes every single fan so much more than a fan. It makes each of them an owner. It makes the desire for the team that they love so much more intense because it is so much more than just a team to them.

    It is their team that they "own." That is something that no other fan of any other team in the NFL can say.

The Lambeau Leap

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    While other teams have attempted their own version of The Lambeau Leap, the original version of this interaction with fans started with the Green Bay Packers.

    Back in 1993, safety LeRoy Butler returned a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Upon entering the end zone, Butler ran to the stands and jumped into the welcoming arms of the greatest fans in the NFL.

    Since that day, wide receivers to quarterbacks to offensive lineman to linebackers have attempted to jump into the stands. While some are unsuccessful, the majority of these players are given great love by their adoring fans.

Season Ticket Waiting List

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    Every fan wants to think that getting season tickets is impossible. However, for the Green Bay Packers, it isn't only impossible for this generation, but for the next three or four generations.

    The current waiting list for the Green Bay Packers has around 96,000 people on it. The only reason that fans get on the waiting list is so they can hand down their spot on the list to their children's children in their wills.

    There simply isn't another group of fans who has the same type of dedication to ensure future generations are taken care of like the fans of Green Bay.

The Brutal Weather

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    The average high temperature in Green Bay during winter ranges from 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

    With the Green Bay Packers being one of the few northern teams to play without a dome, it takes incredible dedication to stand in freezing temperatures for a number of hours to watch your team play.

    The fact that any human being is willing to stand outside in snow, sleet, ice and below-freezing temperatures proves just how dedicated Green Bay's fans are.

Absolute Dedication

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    Um, do you see these women standing in bikinis in the middle of winter, watching the Green Bay Packers play?

    Need I say more about dedication? Name another group of female fans that would willingly risk frostbite to 90 percent of their bodies just to be great fans of their team.

    It simply can't be done.

The Tailgating Experience

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    Ask even the most casual fan of the NFL where the best place to tailgate in the NFL is, and Green Bay will enter the conversation rather early. In fact, when ranking the best tailgating spots last year, Green Bay came in as the second best place in the NFL to tailgate.

    The Green Bay Packers and their fans simply know how to enjoy their time before a game starts. For a noon game, it isn't odd to see people in the parking lot before 8 a.m., getting their game-day preparations ready.

    From beer to bratwurst and everything in between, the fans of Green Bay simply know how to get it done better than anyone before the kickoff.

They're Everywhere

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    Even when the Green Bay Packers are playing away from Lambeau Field, they have a huge following of fans wherever they go.

    On top of that, they have websites galore that allow fans in other cities to see the best places to watch a game, where they can be around fellow Packers' fans. You could literally visit any major city in the country, and you'd almost be guaranteed to see a large number of Packers fans waiting to rejoice with you.

    That type of a country-wide fanbase is truly unique.

Natural Winners

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    Since the Green Bay Packers joined the National Football League in 1921, they've been one of the most successful franchises around. They've won 11 NFL Championships and four Super Bowls over that time span.

    Their 21 members of the Hall of Fame is second only to the Chicago Bears. This is a team and a group of fans that have grown accustomed to winning and greatness at every position on the field.

    Among Packers fans, there is an attitude of winning, and the success of their franchise has entitled them to feeling this way.

The Cheesehead

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    Look, only the most dedicated and hardcore fans in the NFL would be willing to put triangles of foam cheese on their heads.

    While some might have thought this to be a silly little phase, the incredible fans of the Green Bay Packers have made it a lifestyle.

Starting Young

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    Watch this video and try and tell me that the Green Bay Packers don't have the greatest fans in the world.

    We start them young, and they reward us with YouTube gold like the video above.


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