Chelsea FC: Comparing Fernando Torres to Blues Transfer Prospect Falcao

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentNovember 8, 2012

Chelsea FC: Comparing Fernando Torres to Blues Transfer Prospect Falcao

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    Chelsea's £50 million-valued (around €58 million) centre-forward Fernando Torres has scored 19 goals in 84 career games for the Blues. 

    Falcao, who cost Atletico Madrid £32 million (€40 million), has netted 19 goals in his last 18 games.

    He's been frequently linked to Stamford Bridge, and this article will compare him to El Nino.  

Comparing the Playing Styles of Fernando Torres and Falcao

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    Fernando Torres, 6'0" (1.83 m),  154 lbs (70 kg), Age: 28

    Falcao, 5'10" (1.77 m), 160 lbs (73 kg), Age: 26

    The way Falcao plays the game is how a No. 9 should operate. 

    He stays within his zone, receives the ball in the box, evades tackles and puts the ball past the goalkeeper. 

    He's also more efficient than Torres in the air, scoring 18 headers since January 2011, compared to El Nino's four. 

    Torres has a habit of playing as a quasi-winger, even though the formation is a 4-2-3-1, which dictates that he should be in the box to score. 

    He prefers creating a goal rather than scoring it because he is probably still mentally scarred from that Ronny Rosenthal-esque miss against Manchester United

    Why else would Torres average such a low two shots per league game? Franco Di Santo, who plays for Wigan Athletic, shoots 2.4 times per game. 

    Torres passes when he should shoot, shoots when passing is the high-percentage play, dribbles when he needs to shoot. 

    No wonder he's been dispossessed 4.3 times per UEFA Champions League game—just behind Salomon Kalou and Alexander Hleb. 

    Falcao is the anti-Torres. The Colombian international seems to always make the right decision. 

    His most admirable trait is his intestinal fortitude. To borrow an American phrase, he is clutch when the going gets tough. 

    The Bolivian players found that out the hard way when Falcao scored a 92nd-minute winner during a 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier last October. 

    The year before, he scored an 87th-minute winner in a friendly against Ecuador at Red Bull Arena. 

    Last season, he headed home an 88th-minute winner against Villarreal. This season, he placed a free kick past Real Sociedad keeper Enaut Zubikarai for a 90th-minute winner. 

    Falcao was extraordinary during his two UEFA Europa League victories. He managed 30 goals in 31 games, including three in two finals. 

    Meanwhile, Torres embodies mediocrity. 

Statistically Comparing Fernando Torres to Falcao

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    League Only Games Goals Shots Per Goal Assists Shots Created Per Game
    Falcao (12-13) 9 10 3.4 1 1
    Torres (12-13) 10 4 5 0 1.5
    Falcao (11-12) 34 24 5.2 3 1
    Torres (11-12) 32 6 11 4 1

    In Fernando Torres' last three seasons for Atletico Madrid, he scored 48 goals in 129 games. A season-and-a-quarter into Falcao's career with Los Colchoneros, he has scored 49 goals in 60 games. 

    Torres' best three club scoring seasons are 33, 22 and 21 goals compared to Falcao's 38, 36 and 34 goals.

    Torres didn't score in the 2012 UEFA Super Cup, whereas Falcao embarrassed the Champions League holders with a sensational hat-trick. 

The Best Scenario to Get Falcao

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    As long as Roberto Di Matteo is manager, he'll use a 4-2-3-1, meaning Falcao and Fernando Torres cannot co-exist. 

    Keeping both of them in the same squad is unfeasible because Torres will crumble psychologically. Here's him in his own words (via The Telegraph):

    I had teammates who didn’t care if the team won or lost because they were not playing. I never wanted to be like that. One day I discovered that I was like them, that it didn’t matter if we won or lost if I was not playing. I wasn’t part of the group.

    Do you know which player is paid more by their club per year than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

    It's Torres ,according to Marca, with €10.8 million per year. It's economically irresponsible to have a social loafer earning that amount of money to train, sit on the bench and pout. 

    The ideal situation is to offer Torres plus cash to Atletico Madrid for Falcao. 

Other Problems Chelsea Need to Solve

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    Falcao would be a luxury buy, not to mention Daniel Sturridge and Romelu Lukaku haven't been given extended runs as the No. 9. 

    Chelsea's No. 1 problem is David Luiz because he's too inconsistent. Move him into midfield and buy a world-class centre-back like Kyriakos Papadopoulos. 

    In light of the UEFA financial fair play regulations, Roman Abramovich should poach Porto's scouting branch because they have an eye for elite talent at economically efficient transfer fees. 

    Porto signed Hulk when he was playing in Japan. That gives you an idea of how expansive their scouting network is. 

    Another one of their signings has risen to prominence this season.

    I'm talking about Jackson Martinez, the 26-year-old Colombian forward who has scored some freakish goals.

    Looking at Porto's assets, they'll continue to make big profits. 

    There's James Rodriguez, who'll command a substantial transfer fee in a few years time. 

    Don't forget about Joao Moutinho, their midfield commando, who would walk into the starting XI of most teams. 

    By the way, do you know how much Falcao cost Porto? Just €3.9 million—even cheaper than Marko Marin. 

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