Beth Phoenix: Her WWE Departure Reflects the Sad State of the Divas Division

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst INovember 1, 2012

(B/R photo)
(B/R photo)

Beth Phoenix got fired the other night on Raw. Or at least, that is what the storyline said.

Actually, Phoenix let her contract run out and did not re-sign with the company.

That’s usually what happens when a wrestler opts out of his or her contract. It does not sound good to actually say that on the air. Instead, they will fall in a “loser leave town” match or they will do something to get “fired.”

Whichever way you look at it—fired or not re-signing—the Glamazon is not in WWE anymore. And that is our loss.

Her departure creates a tremendous void in a Divas division that still was dealing with the loss of three top stars within the past 18 months. Now it has lost perhaps the only true “wrestler” within the Diva ranks.

Phoenix had long been unhappy with the direction the Divas group had been taking lately. Instead of athleticism, the division was top-heavy with what she termed “perky bimbos” like Kelly Kelly. In a bit of irony, Kelly Kelly was released from WWE about a month ago.

So Phoenix and close friend Natalya formed the Divas of Doom and tried to put the emphasis back on wrestling. Unfortunately, nothing much came of that.

Pretty soon, Phoenix had almost reached the point of jobbing to some of those perky bimbos. In her mind, it was time to go.

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So she opted out/got fired/whatever.

Who knows what Phoenix will do next? She is only 31, so she still has a lot of years ahead of her if she wants to continue to wrestle.

Phoenix could test the independent circuit. She also could wind up at Ring of Honor or even Impact Wrestling, which trumps WWE in taking women wrestlers seriously.

Remember how Gail Kim jumped to Impact shortly after her famous bolt from a Divas Battle Royal? She became the Knockouts Champion in no time.

Fellow WWE alumnus Mickie James also is a big Impact star.

Beth Phoenix definitely would be among old friends and foes if she took that route. Imagine her in a program with ODB as a partner or opponent. That would be a whole lot of fun to watch.

Phoenix’s decision to leave WWE is further evidence that the company is doing everything it can to bury the Divas division. It is a division that has never gotten over 2011's heavily hyped rise and sudden fall of Kharma, followed by Gail Kim’s departure later in the year. This year, the division lost two of its biggest stars in Kelly Kelly and now Phoenix.

Now, WWE is apparently going to take the “crazy-chick” route by hitching its wagon to AJ Lee. The jury still is out on how that will ultimately wind up.

And who’s to say that after a year or two, Phoenix winds up back at WWE. Top-caliber wrestling talent has always jumped from promotion to promotion.

By then, WWE probably will be tired of the Crazy Chick Era and welcome her back with open arms.

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