Spring Fishing in Southeast Michigan: The Best Places Are Easy To Find

David McClureCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

Michigan is known as a great state to go fishing year round. It contains more fresh water access than any other state and is home to a great diversity of species. As a result, spring fishing in Michigan offers one of the most rewarding fishing experiences an angler can hope to find.

Spring fishing is largely controlled by the spawn, which is largely controlled by changes in water temperature. Species such as walleye, salmon, crappie, white bass, steel head, and many more head to shallow waters to continue the cycle of life.

With so many options, good fishing is easy to find. There are a few places, however, that stand out:

The Detroit River

The Detroit River offers multiple different species in the spring. It is most famous for its massive spring walleye run and both trophies and limits of eating size fish can be harvested throughout the spring.

If walleye is your species of choice, then there is no finer destination in the world than the Detroit River.

The River also boasts a large white bass run as the walleye run winds down and provides an excellent opportunity for new and young anglers to try out the sport of fishing.

Sturgeon and muskie also inhabit the waters, though, and you never know what you might hook in to.

Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair connects to the Detroit River and offers many of the same species. It is a particularly great lake for spring small mouth, large mouth, and pan fish. Small mouth over five pounds are not uncommon, and three to four pound fish are caught regularly. Lake St. Clair has plenty of access and plenty of room to fish.

If you plan on fishing Lake St. Clair or the Detroit River, you may want to get a license in both Canada and Michigan so you don't limit your options.

Lake Erie and the Maumee River

Almost parallel to the southern border of Michigan, the Maumee River is home to one of the largest walleye runs in North America. It is a unique place to fish because you can wade into the water.

Parks around the town of Maumee provide excellent access. You need an Ohio license, but it is well worth it! Limits of quality walleye can be caught in as little as an hour.

Where the Maumee dumps into Lake Erie is another great spot to look for walleye, as they stage for the spring run and leave the river.

Perch fishing in and around bays and canals can be very productive in Lake Erie as well.

The Clinton River

The Clinton is a lesser known fishery that has seen a rebirth of sorts. Thanks to the DNR and private groups, such as the Clinton River Watershed Council, the Clinton River is quickly becoming a hot spot for local anglers to catch Steel Head and Salmon as they make spring runs.

Most of the fishing action starts at Yates Dam in Rochester and continues all the way to Lake St. Clair.

Walleye, pike, and even sturgeon are caught by salmon and trout anglers. There is good access with numerous park locations along the length of the river.

The Many Lakes in the Area

There are many parks and good access to lakes as a result in Southeast Michigan. Some good spots to try include the following:

Stony Creek Impoundment, located in Stoney Creek Metro Park.

Stony Creek Impoundment is best known for its spring crappie fishing. The numbers aren't huge, but the fish that are caught are often very large.

Kensington Lake, located in Kensington Metro Park.

Bass fishing can be outstanding on Kensington Lake in the spring. It is a quiet lake with no motors allowed, which makes for a peaceful fishing environment.

Cass Lake, access is from Dodge State park No. 4.

Cass lake offers one of the more diverse inland lake fishing experiences. It has impressive depth and many shallow back channels. Bass fishing, crappie fishing, and even walleye and trout can be found. Cass Lake is also home to good populations of both small mouth and large mouth bass.

Those are great places to start looking for a great day on the water, but they are not the only ones around, that's for sure!

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