Oregon Ducks Football: Power Ranking the Ducks Uniforms so Far

Nathan LoweryCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2012

Oregon Ducks Football: Power Ranking the Ducks Uniforms so Far

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    We're into October now, which means college football is starting to heat up as we dive further into conference play.

    As expected, Oregon has been the flashiest team in the nation, uniform-wise, with it switching up its jerseys yet again to be a more hybrid of its previous two sets.

    But which one has been the best so far this season? Let's find out.

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5. Versus Fresno State

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    Helmet: Silver

    Jersey: Yellow

    Pants: Silver

    I've always hated these uniforms.

    Silver and yellow is not a combination, especially for a daytime game, like when the Ducks played Fresno State.

    These uniforms were just too dang bright and can actually inflict pain on those watching them.

    A tackling dummy should be wearing this uniform and then burned at the stake.

    Grade: F

4. Versus Tennessee Tech

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    Helmet: Gray

    Jersey: Green

    Pants: Gray

    It's hard to imagine an Oregon Ducks uniform being bland, but these ones found away to be dull and all-around unexciting.

    The uniform combo wasn't bad; they're just not that memorable.

    Playing a weak team like Tennessee Tech probably doesn't help these jerseys being memorable too.

    Grade: C

3. Vs Washington State

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    Helmet: Green

    Jersey: White

    Pants: Gray

    I don't know what it is with these uniforms, but the subtlety is just a nice touch.

    Green helmet, white jersey and gray pants are not very imaginative, but Oregon found a way to make them look good.

    It's almost as if Oregon was normal for once.

    Grade: B+

2. Versus Arizona

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    Helmet: Silver (believe it or not)

    Jersey: Green

    Pants: Black

    No. 1 and No. 2 are a toss-up.

    Believe it or not, but the helmets are the reflective metal and are actually silver. With it being a night game, however, the helmets looked black on the TV screen, and could quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    The "black," green, black combo brings back memories of my favorite Oregon uniform combination from the 2009 season, the upset of USC on Halloween night.

    Grade: A-/A

1. Versus Arkansas State

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    Helmet: Yellow

    Jersey: Green Apple

    Pants: Yellow

    This is what happens when throwback meets the future.

    These uniforms were flashy, but brought back fond memories of the Oregon Duck teams of lore.

    Honestly, the lighter shade of green on these jerseys spoiled me a bit this year, and I hope the Ducks work them into another game this season.

    Grade: A


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