Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit: A Moment That Stands Still in Time

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2009

WrestleMania 20, New York, Madison Square Garden, and Benoit and Eddie.

When I think about that, I think of the greatest moment in not just WrestleMania history, but in wrestling history period. Some people may say what about Flair farewell, Hogan bodyslams Andre, or Hogan v Rock, but there is no way that those moments have as much significance as two of the greatest technical wrestlers, two of the biggest hearts, and two of the greatest who loved this business, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

The moment when the confetti came down and Chris and Eddie hugged was a picture worth a million words. Two real champions in the ring as they raised their hands in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd.

Eddie's moment came earlier in the night when he beat the "Wrestling Machine" Kurt Angle for the WWE title. Eddie had his road to redemption at No Way Out earlier that year when he won his first World title by beating Brock Lesnar.

The year of 2004 belonged to Eddie and Chris because of what they overcame to get to the top of the wrestling world.

Chris Benoit had a road like no other, as he had to enter the Royal Rumble at No. 1 and beat 29 other wrestlers to be the No. 1 contender for the World title. He would go on to face two of the greatest wrestlers of the past two decades to become champion as he made Triple H tap out.

Eddie and Chris had the biggest passion for the business, the biggest hearts, and loved what they did and would not trade it for anything.

Eddie's life was cut short after his big heart stopped in a hotel in 2005, close to two years after being on top of the world.

Chris' life was cut short after he took his own life, along with his son and wife in a double murder and suicide—the hardest story to digest in my life as I watched it.

These two are great and will always be no matter what people say.

This article is to Eddie and Chris. R.I.P and God Bless.

-Adrian Staehle