Cristiano Ronaldo to PSG: Is There Any Truth to the Rumor?

Christopher Almeras@@redriverhockeyCorrespondent IIOctober 2, 2012

Ronaldo's "sadness" has sparked many rumors
Ronaldo's "sadness" has sparked many rumorsDenis Doyle/Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo is perpetually stuck in the focus of the media eye. As one of the most talented players to grace the game, the interest in the Real Madrid star is a huge media draw. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the web has an unbelievable amount of content regarding Ronaldo.

The amount of print dedicated to Ronaldo has risen to another level in the last few weeks as his stellar play has been coupled with the reports of "sadness" at Madrid. The sadness report has spurned a large amount of rumors and opinions on not only the cause, but the potential fallout of the situation.

Part of the fallout category is a report originating from on contact with Ronaldo's agent by PSG. Soccer gossip sites like and have picked up on this report out of Spain. As with many of these reports, determining what the true potential outcome is the difficult part.

Has PSG made contact with Cristiano Ronaldo's agent? The answer is probably. PSG (along with multiple other teams) would definitely be interested in bringing Ronaldo to their club. According to the follow on by

Sport understands that the player’s representative Jorge Mendes received a call from the French club few days ago, with PSG officials informing him they were ready to make an official bid for the Portuguese star.

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Little, if anything, should be read into this at the current time. Clubs make inquiries to agents regarding players on a regular basis. A club has to get a feeling for whether taking the time for an official approach to the player's current club is worth it or not.

It is likely PSG is trying to get a feel for what potential interest Ronaldo would have in coming to Paris. The money portion of any potential deal is secondary to PSG at this time.

They know it would take a salary at a level higher than they gave Ibrahimovic to entice Ronaldo. Then there is the record-setting transfer bid that would be required for Real Madrid to even think about letting their star potentially leave.

PSG is one of only a handful of clubs with the financial backing to pull off a move of market value for Ronaldo. With their courtship of David Beckham, and their capture of Ibrahimovic, Moura and Silva, PSG have the reputation of not shying away from any name in the market. This makes a perfect match for the speculation of where Ronaldo could go.

No one can be sure of what is currently running through the mind of Ronaldo. If there is any discontent with being at Madrid, his play has not shown us any hint of it. No one can say whether he would even consider a move to Paris. All that can be done at this moment is to speculate on the possibilities and try and gauge how realistic they may be.

I believe PSG has made initial contact with Ronaldo's representatives, and I imagine it was a simple "we would be happy to discuss any interest Ronaldo would have in us." So from that perspective, I believe there is some truth to the rumor as I believe PSG is interested.

If PSG were able to pull off a move for Ronaldo, it would be an incredible move. The addition of Ronaldo to Ibrahimovic and the cast of talent in Paris would be magical. The value of the Ligue 1 television rights would increase tenfold overnight. The effect on PSG and Ligue 1 would be huge.

The most interesting effect of a Ronaldo to PSG move may be the meshing of egos between him and Ibrahimovic. While both are professionals and are about winning, a partnership of the two could provide a lot of interesting press.

In the end, Ronaldo will be hard pressed to leave Madrid and find the kind of footballing environment worthy of his skills that he is already in. In Spain, he has his foil in Messi and Barcelona. In Paris, he would not have that worthy adversary to match up against.

Ronaldo to Paris: doubtful. But it sure makes for interesting discussion.