WWE DVD News: Company Not Canceling Attitude Era DVD as Rumored

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 28, 2012

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An Attitude Era DVD originally scheduled for release in November was thought to be delayed or cancelled outright. Those rumors are apparently false.

As reported by wwedvdnews.com, the listings for the DVD "have been removed from internal schedules for both the United States and Australia.  This usually occurs when a title in question has been cancelled or postponed."

Immediate thoughts of the Linda McMahon senate campaign striking again came to many minds.  

WWE Senior Vice President, marketing and communications, Brian Flinn however debunks the rumors. He says, "there is no truth to the rumors. The DVD will be released on 11/20." 

Having the DVD's release coincide so closely to the release of WWE 13 is a smart marketing move.

The video game, which leans heavily on Attitude Era nostalgia, will be in stores on October 30.  There will still be a DVD to further feed on fans' hunger for Stone Cold and Mankind, The Rock and Mike Tyson.

WWE has recently been whitewashing YouTube of edgy Attitude Era clips. The raunchiness and envelope-pushing material that launched WWE's most successful era is now a source of political shame.

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When the Attitude Era DVD was thought to be shelved, one would assume it was simply another casualty of WWE attempting to cleanse its past.

Fans will still get the DVD on time. The collection should highlight the intense rivalries and sophomoric humor that categorized the late '90s and early '00s.

Stone Cold Steve Austin promos and The Rock's verbal battles should be a big part of the fun.

There isn't a time in wrestling history that is more longed for than the Attitude Era, especially as WWE travels further down their current PG-rating road. 

However, WWE: The Attitude Era may not feature exactly what fans remember.

When The Journal Inquirer asked Brian Flinn about the DVD's content, he said it "would be rated as TV-PG and will reflect the company's family values marketing of recent years."

That means that the Attitude Era would be lacking a number of penis jokes, bloody gashes and near-naked women.  Does that mean that the collection's running time goes about what, six, seven minutes?

WWE must have a plan of action to get the most PG-level entertainment out of a period that was often far from appropriate. 

It will be a challenge to accurately represent those intense and glorious years of wrestling and entertainment with a toned-down rating, but fans will soon see how it all turns out.

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