WWE Divas Power Rankings: Which Divas Have the Most Potential?

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2012

WWE Divas Power Rankings: Which Divas Have the Most Potential?

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    The WWE Divas division is definitely at a low point. 

    After nearly a year of anticipation, the hyped match between Beth Phoenix and Kharma never came to be since Kharma was released from her contract even before her first singles match. 

    Now Beth Phoenix seems to be on her way out, according to F4WOnline.com (h/t WrestleZone.com).

    For the most part, Divas wrestling has been brushed aside to make way for a tag team resurgence.

    But since the division is at a low point, there is nowhere else to go but up, and WWE does have Divas capable of lifting the division back to relevancy. 

    Here are the top Divas who have the potential to resurrect the division. 

5. Natalya

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    Despite being a third-generation superstar, Natalya has yet to make her mark on the Divas division. 

    She has played sidekick to the now-departing Beth Phoenix as a member of the Divas of Doom. 

    More recently, WWE creative gave her a ridiculous flatulence gimmick. 

    Despite her shortcomings from creative, Natalya is a very talented wrestler and has the potential to be the next Divas champion. It’s only a matter of time until Natalya will have to be taken seriously in the division. 

    Better yet, her own talent can make the division legitimate again. 

    With WWE leaning away from women that resemble models in favor of athletic wrestlers, Natalya is sure to find her shot at championship gold soon. 

4. Layla

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    Layla made her return from injury at this year’s Extreme Rules and won the Divas Championship in the process. 

    At first, she seemed to be a transitional champion considering that she earned the belt from the departing Nikki Bella. 

    But Layla proved her worth as a legitimate Divas champion over the past few months. 

    For now, she is the standard at which all other Divas are measures against since her title reign was the longest for any current Diva. 

3. Eve Torres

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    Even though Eve did not participate in the Divas Championship title picture up until recently, she has had lots of on-screen time as the assistant to Smackdown’s general manager. 

    She currently holds the Divas Championship, making it her third reign. 

    Eve has shown her versatility by being both a heel and face, which is crucial if WWE wants to revive the division with the few wrestlers on their roster.

    According to WrestleZone.com, she and Layla had one of the best Divas matches at a live show. Chances are, WWE is going to have a match between Eve and Layla in Hell in a Cell, their next pay-per-view. 

    If the two Divas can have a match as entertaining as the one reported, then Eve will be at the forefront of the Divas’ resurgence. 

2. AJ Lee

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    The Summer of AJ Lee may be over, but that does not mean fans stopped paying attention altogether. 

    AJ has the luxury of being the Raw general manager, which gives her more on-screen time than any other WWE diva. 

    F4WOnline.com (h/t WrestlingNewsSource.com) notes that AJ Lee may be fired as Raw general manager in the coming weeks, which should put her back in contention for the Divas title. 

    Undoubtedly, all the attention from being general manager will translate into more attention to her matches and the championship picture as a whole. 

1. Kaitlyn

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    Kaitlyn may have accidentally won the Divas battle royal to become the No. 1 contender, but this is only a sign of things to come for the young Diva. 

    She possesses the build and athleticism that can make her one of the best, and it seemed that she was already on pace given that she was scheduled to be in the WWE Divas Championship match against Layla at Night of Champions. 

    Instead, she was replaced by Eve minutes before her match. 

    Nevertheless, Kaitlyn will be waiting for her time to outperform the rest of the roster. 

    Considering that the current Divas storyline is based on her injury, it’s a safe bet that Kaitlyn has a bright future in WWE.


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