Greg Oden on the Bench: An Irritatingly Familiar Sight For Portland

Kelsey ParsonsCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Greg Oden has perfected the art form of a great tease.  Women around the world are taking notes on the way he offers just enough hope to his admirers to keep them interested, while at the same time never letting them feel content. 

Hopes were high for the Trail Blazers, a team that has made detrimental draft-day decisions in the past, when Oden held up his Portland jersey.  The anticipation of what he would do for the franchise was crushed with the information that he would undergo microfracture knee surgery and make a home for himself on the sidelines for an entire season.  Greg Oden's rookie year would have to wait.

Trail Blazer fans are not the only people who suffer from his activity, or shall I say inactivity.  Everyone across the country was eager to see what this teenager could do.  The expectations were high, but we have been toyed with for some time now, and in the world of basketball there is always another potential superstar waiting to shine. 

Oden returned to play this season with a substantial amount of pressure.  Though his play was not always mind-blowing he showed capability to his peers and fans alike. 

We should have known what would happen next.

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Oden has sat out thirteen games this season, seven of which were due to his collision with Golden State's Corey Maggette which resulted in a bone chip in his left knee.

What was thought to be a minor injury has not healed and will bench the starting center for another seven to ten days.  Though doctors do not believe extensive testing is necessary at this point, they still cannot pinpoint why Oden's left knee has been slow to heal.

What are Greg Oden's knees made of exactly? 

I have no familiarity with knee injuries so I can't voice much opinion on the matter, but if medical professionals don't know why it has yet to repair I can at least express frustration towards his damaged body part.

All the disappointment aside I will continue to dream about a day when a healthy Portland Trail Blazer team will compete in the playoffs.

And win.


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