WWE: Has Dolph Ziggler Outgrown Vickie Guerrero?

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IISeptember 28, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

Dolph Ziggler is pegged by many as one of the brightest young stars in the WWE today. Since coming to the WWE in 2005 Ziggler has gone from "Nicky," one of the members of the Spirit Squad all the way up to Mr. Money in the Bank. For a short time, he also was World Heavyweight Champ.

Ziggler has a very large skill set, ranging from his great athletic ability to his solid mic skills, but really (until recently) hasn't found himself above the midcard consistently. Midcard opponents or not Ziggler does a great jo--EXCUSE ME! Oh yeah. He also has one of the most hated voices in the WWE in his corner, Vickie Guerrero

Guerrero and Ziggler have made it through a lot together. They made it through some hard times with Ziggler as a singles competitor, to teaming up with Jack Swagger on Team ZigSwag, back to singles competition with Vickie screaming and cackling all along the way. 

But is Ziggler outgrowing his cougar phase? He can definitely deliver in the ring, both with his moves and selling the moves of other Superstars.

He's got the look and charisma of a WWE Superstar, and he even does a decent job on the mic, which is Vickie's main asset. So, has he outgrown Vickie? Daniel Bryan, cover your ears: YES! YES! YES!. 

While Vickie certainly is a great asset to any WWE Superstar, she definitely could be used better. Ziggler is (very slowly) edging his way onto the main event scene on the WWE's blue brand and, in my humble opinion, can handle himself fine without a manager.

Ziggler's had enough success that he doesn't really need her to help him steal wins as often, and he's been talking for himself a lot recently. Heck, she really just holds the briefcase during matches. Ziggler can continue to climb the ladder without carrying Vickie with him. 

The true Vickie Guerrero is supposed to be the mouthpiece for a Superstar. She should be helping a young heel steal wins, while doing all the talking and complaining for him.

With all of the great young talent in the WWE and NXT right now, the possibilities are endless. She could align with a young heel who has a lot of in-ring talent but underdeveloped mic skills and make him a star. 

Although Vickie Guerrero certainly has a place in the WWE, and has done some great things with Dolph Ziggler, she could be used much better somewhere else. Dolph Ziggler has ascended to the upper echelon of the WWE and no longer needs help from the seasoned cougar. 

This is just one man's opinion. What do you think of Dolph and Vicke? Should they stay together or break up? Let me know what you think! 


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