Liverpool FC: A Rant from an Ordinary Fan Who Is Fed Up

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIISeptember 4, 2012

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 02:   Liverpool supporters are seen in the Kop during the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and  Arsenal at Anfield on September 2, 2012 in Liverpool, England.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Brendan Rodger's league campaign could only have been slightly worse. One point from nine makes difficult reading for all those associated with Liverpool, who have begun to question the way Liverpool are heading.

Though the title may lead you to think I am one of the many fans who have jumped upon a bandwagon headed straight to failure, I can confirm now that I am not.

The majority of Liverpool fans have questioned our new manager, Brendan Rodgers. He has been thrown into the deep end and needs all the support he can get. While he cuts a confident figure in interviews, there is naturally a part of him that is still adjusting to the mechanisms of one of the biggest clubs in football.  He needs the faith of supporters in order to build the club up from the ground; so when supporters are calling for his head after less than 10 games, I can't help but feel for Rodgers.

He has been doing his best to implement his way of play, and the bad results are not his fault entirely.

Look at things this way.

Rodgers puts 11 players on the pitch. As soon as they leave the dressing room, their actions, regardless of instructions and training, are entirely their own. They don't pass every ball thinking "Rodgers said pass," shoot thinking "Rodgers said we should shoot" or dribble thinking "Rodgers would want me to do this."

If a player missed an open goal in the last minute and that lost us three points, fans tend to blame Rodgers too. Why?

The players miss the chances. The players lose possession. The players are more responsible for bad results and failure than the manager will ever be, at any club.

A second example: Let's say Gerrard is taken off at half time for Jordan Henderson.

If Henderson shoots and sees his shot fly in off the crossbar, Rodgers is a tactical genius.

If Henderson shoots and sees his shot go way over, Rodgers is a tactical flop.

Does that really sound right? It doesn't to me.

But that's the way of football and the majority of fans out there.

It's a sad state of affairs. To conclude, I might add that this does not apply to all of you. Those of you who are impatient, unrealistic and overly-critical, this was directed at you and I hope you considered all of it.

Rant over.

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