5 Reasons Eden Hazard Has Already Proved to Be the Best Transfer Signing

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIISeptember 4, 2012

5 Reasons Eden Hazard Has Already Proved to Be the Best Transfer Signing

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    Eden Hazard's bright start to the Premier League season has made him the best transfer of the league and possibly all of Europe.

    After an almost year-long transfer saga with the Premier League, Hazard has arrived in force.  Chelsea has gotten off to a fantastic start in the Premier League with the Belgian attacker playing a significant role.

    Given his current productivity, his ability and his youth, Hazard really stands out as a great signing for the Blues.

    Here are five reasons why Eden Hazard has already proved to be the best transfer.

Chelsea Is Top of the League

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    Chelsea is the only team in the Premier League with a perfect record right now. The club has three wins out of three with eight goals scored and only two conceded.

    A large part of that is thanks to Eden Hazard's play in and around the penalty box.

    Is it possible that Chelsea could be in the same position without him? Yes, but that's not the world we are currently in and with that knowledge, we must assume that Hazard is in fact that the major reason why Chelsea is where it is.

    The young Belgian was brought in to make an impact and ensure the team challenges on all fronts. He has played his part in getting the club off to a good start in the Premier League.

He Has Been Productive

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    According to statistics on the Premier League's website, Eden Hazard has contributed one goal and six assists for Chelsea so far this season. That makes him the creator of seven of Chelsea's eight goals in the league so far.

    Two of those assists are for penalties he created with his dribbling skills.

    Along with that, when looking at statistics presented on WhoScored.com, he has been among the leading players in the league when it comes to key passes per game and dribbles per game.

    It's not just the statistics that count though, as Hazard has been good both on and off the ball for his club and has rarely put a foot wrong.

He Will Be Chelsea's Main Man for Years to Come

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    Not that we want to jinx the young star or put any unnecessary expectations on him, but Eden Hazard has the ability to be a club legend for Chelsea.

    Chelsea got the best of both worlds by signing Hazard as he can provide something for the club now—he has already proved that—and will be around for years to come.

    His transfer price makes it unlikely that he will go to any team, cash-rich or not, anytime soon and his age means he has a long future at the club ahead of him.

    As reported by the Daily Mail, Hazard has said he hopes to have the same impact with Chelsea that Lionel Messi has for Barcelona.

    Hazard told The Sun: "Messi is the world’s best player and it's a bit of an exaggeration to say I can be that good.

    "But I am happy if people see similarities between us and being compared to Messi makes me think about what I can achieve with Chelsea rather than the obstacles I need to overcome to get there.

    "Ultimately it's the coach who will decide if I play in a similar role to the one Messi plays for Barca but I am looking to succeed the Eden Hazard way."

    Given his youth and ability—as well as the talents of the players who surround him—he could very well end up having that impact.

Other Signings Have Had an Impact, but Not at the Same Level

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    Eden Hazard certainly has competition for the best signing in the EPL currently, but he is still a level above the rest. Hazard has been both productive in terms of creating and scoring for his club, while his overall play in particular has been good.

    If we take a look at some other players who have made good starts this season, Hazard still comes out on top (Statistics courtesy of Premier League website).

    Santi Cazorla's play has been a delight for Arsenal fans and he picked up a goal and an assist against Liverpool on Sunday. Mladen Petric has two goals and an assist to his name but has suffered two losses out of three.

    Miguel Michu has an impressive four goals and one assist in three games. Robin van Persie (sorry Arsenal fans) has four goals and his teammate Shinji Kagawa has been key to his club's midfield play while adding one goal.

    While it isn't all about statistics—though Petric, Michu and van Persie aren't really judged on anything but goals—Hazard has them all beat by contributing to seven of his team's eight goals so far this season and leading them to three wins out of three.

    Hazard has yet to face one of the true big guns, but has passed a decent test against Newcastle. One has to think that he will have some sort of impact when he does face one of his other suitors for the summer.

He's Adapted Quickly

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    The fact that Eden Hazard has gotten off to a great start in the EPL can't be denied. Other high-priced and quality players such as David Silva, Juan Mata and Sergio Aguero all got off to great starts as well, but none contributed like Hazard has at this point.

    Hazard's quick adaptation to the league doesn't necessarily mean he will run the show throughout the entire season, but it shows why he was worth all the attention and money.

    Had he failed to muster anything of note in his games so far, he could have been facing ridicule similar to Andy Carroll.

    Only quality players can get off to such a fast start for a new club in a league as physically demanding as the EPL. Hazard has shown that quality. When teammates like Juan Mata fully kick into gear and get even more accustomed to their new player, things could really heat up for Chelsea.

    A rough patch may pop up eventually, something most likely occur around Christmas time where Hazard is normally used a break in Ligue 1, but if Roberto Di Matteo can help him navigate that period, he may not suffer a huge drop as others have.

    With what he's done so far, he'll certainly have Chelsea fans thinking positively about that period and beyond.


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