ECW: A New Era of Extreme (Week Five)

anonymous guyCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my latest installment of ECW: A New Era Of Extreme!!! Lately I've been building up new and dominating faction. So far they are deeming themselves as Team Swagger.

That is not their official name, as I'm still thinking of what names to use. But anyway back to what I was originally saying about my ECW brand. So far Swagger retained his title in the No Way Out Extreme Elimination Chamber match against five other superstars.

Then later on in ECW, he and the rest of Team Swagger had RVD arrested and tried to get Tommy Dreamer to join, but of course just like the ECW Extremist that he is, he rudely declined and paid for it dearly.

Also during that night of ECW, The Miz, even though he was still feeling the effects of the Extreme Elimination Chamber, qualified for the Money In The Bank Match at Wrestlemania 25, by having Raw superstar Tyson Kidd to fight the match for him.

So with that recap out of the way, let's start a wonderful night of ECW!

A video recap of No Way Out and the next ECW played. Basically showing everything that I just talked about above.

The show opens with the video and theme song.

The pyro goes off and ECW is underway. Surprisingly enough, the arena looks to be sold out and the fans in the arena are deafening.

Striker: Welcome again folks to the next episode of ECW while we are on the Road to Wrestlemania 25! I'm your gorgeous host for the evening Matt Striker and I'm joined by my little pet of an announcer, Todd Grisham!

Todd: That's right f... Hey, I'm no one's pet okay. Just because my girlfr... Nevermind. We are indeed on the Road to Wrestlemania as we are only 39 more days till the greatest spectacle in sports and entertainment!

(All of a sudden Mark Henry's theme plays and he, Tony Atlas, and Paul Burchill come strolling to the ring.)

Chimel: The following match is a tag-team match! This bout is schedueled for one-fall! On their way to the ring, accompanied by Tony Atlas. At a combined weight of 639 pounds, Paul Burchill and Mark Henry!

(All men get into the ring to a huge amount of heat. Tony Atlas snatches the microphone away from a member of the ring crew.)

Atlas: Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry! And his partner, our brother, the U.K.'s Most Dangerous Man, Paul Burchill!

(Atlas hands Henry the microphone and claps.)

Henry: Before this beatdown begins, I just want to make one thing very clear:


(The crowd boo's the arrogance of Mark Henry. Next Finlay's music hits! And he and Hornswoggle both recieve huge pops at the time of their entrance.)

Finlay gets into the ring and just as Paul tries to go on the attack, Ricky Ortiz's music hits and he comes thorugh the crowd with a bat!

The crowd goes nuts and he enters the ring and hits Atlas in the face with the bat. He turns Henry around and hits him in the face with the bat, and he hits Burchill in the back, but Swagger comes to the ring through the crowd as well as hits Finlay in the back with a chair.

Hornswoggle runs under the ring and hides. Ortiz turns around and tries to hit Swagger, but Henry is back to his feet already and blocks the bat shot. Swagger swings hard and hits Ortiz with the chair.

All men stand in the ring dominant. Teddy Long's music hits and he appears on the entrance screen smiling.

Teddy: How's it going playas? How come that every time I try and run a successful and respected TV show, y'all gotta go and mess up everything? I'll tell ya what Team Swagger... Tonight's tag match is canceled.

(The heels are in the ring and are excited about tonight's match being canceled.)

Teddy: Instead later on tonight, Tony Atlas, Mark Henry, and Paul Burchill will face off in a six-man tag-team match against:

1. Finlay

2. Ricky Ortiz

3. the returning Tommy Dreamer!

(The crowd pops bigtime as their extreme hero has returned. The heels are in the ring and they all look livid. Swagger tries to say something, but his microphone doesn't work.)

Teddy: What's wrong playa, it seems as if you're at a lost for words man. That's okay, just go to the back and try to think of a way to stop Dreamer from destroying your asses tonight! Wait a minute, is that him behind you?

(The heels turn around and look, but there is no one there. Swagger tries to say something again, but his mic still wont work.)

Teddy: Just kidding, fellas, but it sure was funny seeing how scared yall are of Dreamer. HAHAHAHA! There he is behind you!

The heels just stand there and look back at Teddy, but Dreamer is right behind them and his face is covered in what looks like blood. He is holding his famous barbed-wire wrapped bat in his hand. The crowd is going nuts!

Dreamer taps Henry on his shoulder. He slowly turns around and gets hit hard with the bat on his head. Swagger leaves. Burchill tries to hit Dreamer, but he misses and Dreamer catches him in the strenum with the bat and then hits him one more time in the back. They all leave the ring except for Atlas and Dreamer.

Atlas sneaks up behind Dreamer and hits him in the back with the steel chair, but it only makes Dreamer even more enraged. Dreamer hits him in the head with the bat. Atlas is down and busted wide open badly. Blood is everywhere!

Dreamer positions the bat into the middle of the ring and looks back to the entry way and yells, "E...C...W!" He gets Atlas up and hits the "Dreamer Driver" onto the bat.

His theme hits, the heels look infuriated, and Dreamer stands in the ring and licks the blood off of his hand. We go to commercial.

We return as Tony Chimel is in the ring.

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the final ECW spot into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match!

The Boogeyman's theme hits and he shakes his way to the ring. He recieves a semi-pop as Striker points out that this is the absolute first time that the Boogeyman has appeared in a match to qualify for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania.

Out next is John Morrison who is accompanied by The Miz, who is once again on crutches and with a bandage on his forehead. They make their way down to the ring, but Morrison is very hesitant to enter into the ring.

Money In The Bank Qualification Match

The Boogeyman vs John Morrison

Morrison is very hesitant to lock up. As soon as he gets close to the Boogeyman, Boogey shakes and Morrison scurries to the outside of the ring almost knocking Miz off of his crutches.

Morrison turns around to check in the Miz, but after a while, Boogey goes off of the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Morrison. The Miz just barely gets out of the way. 

Boogey gets Morrison up and throws him hard into the steel steps. Morrison is out cold. Boogey rolls into the ring to restart the count. Boogey gets back out to the outside and rolls Morrison back into the ring. He goes for the cover. 1..2.. Morrson places his foot onto the bottom rope.

Boogey starts to shake his way into a corner. Morrison slowly crawls his way into the opposite corner and he is very dazed. Boggey charges forward and tries to connect with a knee shot, but Morrison quickly rolls out of the way and Boogey hits the turnbuckle hard.

He slowly backs up and Morrison rolls him up. 1..2.. Boogey kicks out. Morrison gets up and connects with a snapwire takedown. He then stands up and kicks boogey right in the back. Morrison then bounces off of the ropes and connects with a running knee shot to the face of Boogey. Morrison then hits the standing shooting star press and goes for another cover. 1..2.. Boogey kicks out again. 

Morrison lookas very frustrated. He climbs to the top rope and waits for Boogey to stand. Boogey finally reaches his feet and Morrison dives through the air, but Boogey catches him and hits the "Boogeyslam!" He goes for the cover, but the Miz has somehow climbed up onto the apron and is distracting the ref!

Boogey let's go of the pin and goes over to the Miz and knocks him off of the apron onto the floor hard. The ref gets out of the ring and check on the Miz. Morrison slowly gets to his knees and Boogey walks over to him.

Morrison low-blows Boogey. Morrison quickly gets to his feet and springboards off of the second rope to hit the "Flying Chuck!" Boogey goes down hard. Morrison gets Boogey back to his feet and hits the "Moonlight Drive!". He goes for the cover. 1-2-3! Its all done and John Morrison has now qualified for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

The Miz is still down on the outside, but is smiling happily now that his partner has qualified. Morrison gets his slammy and goes outside the ring to check on the Miz. He helps him up and they walk to the back with smiles on their faces.

(We cut to Jack Swagger's Lockerroom and Tony Atlas is laid out on the floor face first in a pool of his own blood. Burchill see's what happened and tries to check on him. He runs out of the room yelling for Henry and Swagger.)

We go to commercial.

We return with a Raw Rebound. We then cut to what happened during the commercial break.

Burchill finds Henry and Swagger. He tells them about what happened to Tony Atlas. All men run back to the lockerroom, but Atlas is no longer there and the blood trial leads all the way to outside of the arena. Swagger, Henry, and Burchill all looks like they are highly afriad.

We cut back to the inside of the ring and Katie Lea Burchill is in the ring cutting a promo and she's deeply in emotional pain.

Katie: Brother, ever since I was born, I looked up to you as if you were my number one hero. I didn't care about superheroes, villans, or sidekicks, I had you to protect me. 

Before we were sent off into that orphanage, you promised our dying mum and dad that you would always take care of me and that you would always protect me from danger.

Then we got here to ECW! The Land of Extreme! You said that you needed me to be by your side so you could win the ECW Championship title, but that all changed every since you placed your hands on me two weeks ago!

(We cut to a video recap of the Paul Burchill vs Jimmy Wang Yang match. It shows the ending where Burchill pushed his sister down to the mat. He then helps her up and hugs her, but he then picks her up and hits her with a tilt-a-whirl slam.)

We cut back to Katie.

Katie: All of my life you told me not to listen to what other people have to say, but now after revisiting what you did to me, I now know that I should've been listening to these people all along.

(She pionts all around to the crowd as she speaks and she recieves a prety good pop for recognizing the fans.)

Katie: You hurt me Paul! There is a classic American saying that goes:

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"

So that's why we had to do what we... had to do.

(Paul, Swagger, and Henry all stand at the top of the ramp. She digs into this big leather body bag that she has into the ring and pulls out a chair covered in blood. The crowd is going crazy! Paul falls to his knees and Swagger and Henry both look visibly upset. Katie just laughs.)

Katie: So Paul, you and your little friends will pay dearly when my boyfriend comes here on ECW!

Her new theme hits and it is The Kat's old WWE Theme.

We cut to commercial.

We return with al members of Team Swagger in the ring. Teddy Long's Theme hits and he comes out in a purple suit with a matching tie.

Teddy: I'm deeply upset with what happened to Tony Atlas tonight playas, and I would like to send out my deepest condolences. In that case, Swagger eventhough you don't look dressed enough to compete tonight, you may have to work this match just so your team can have enough men to participate. So, Swagger, what do ya say?

Swagger: I say... No. Look fellas, Atlas is laying up somewhere in a hospital tonight and I have to be there for him so goodluck. I promise that you two guys are more than the three of those asses could handle. Let me go and check on our hurt brother.

(Swagger leaves the ring and Burchill and Henry look confused, but are ready to compete.)

Finlay music hits and he comes down to the ring with his shellaleigh at hand. He stops at he bottom of the ramp and points behind the two men in the ring.

They turn around, but no one is there as Finlay slides into the ring and takes them both down with his shillegah.

Henry is down and Burchill rolls out of the ring and Oritz come throught the crowd again and hits Burchill in the back of the head with a hard clothesline.

Tommy Dreamer's music finally hits and he comes down to the ring with his face covered in blood and the barbed-wire wrapped bat in his hand.

Henry is being choked by Finlay in the ring and Ortiz is standing over Burchill with a chair. Swagger comes back, but stops at the top of the ramp looks on in disbelief.

Tommy has Finlay to get Henry up to his knees. Tommy hits him hard in the face with the bat. Henry is busted open. Ortiz rolls Burchill into the ring, and Tommy positions the bat into the middle of the ring and hits his signature DDT on the bat and EMT's all run to the ring. Tommy picks up the mic.

Dreamer: Hey Swagger! I know you're upset that you can't help out your friends this week, but next week, YOUR ASS IS MINE IN A CAGE MATCH! ECW FOR LIFE!!!!!

His theme hits and ECW goes off the air. 

This has been an Assassin's Article. 


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