Los Angeles Kings: 10 Best Photos of the Kings with Stanley Cup This Summer

Jason Lewis@@SirJDLCorrespondent IIAugust 20, 2012

Los Angeles Kings: 10 Best Photos of the Kings with Stanley Cup This Summer

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    Maybe one of the best things about being a fan of a Stanley Cup-winning team is watching our favorite players parade the cup around the world and enjoy it like a little kid enjoys Christmas.

    It travels around the globe, across the continent, to the smallest villages and towns and to the biggest cities.

    It enjoys the outdoors, the indoors and the occasional bowl of cereal.

    This offseason the Los Angeles Kings have fulfilled childhood dreams and spent a day with Lord Stanley's hardware. Here are the 10 best photos of the journeys from this summer.

Kopitar and the Cup Visit His Late Grandmother

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    Maybe the most touching of all photos. Anze Kopitar took the cup to the gravesite of his much beloved grandmother; the same woman who taught Anze how to speak English. This photo was part of a nice compilation from the L.A. Times about Kopitar's visit to Slovenia.

Kings at Dodgers Stadium

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    Two of the beloved franchises of the Los Angeles area shared the diamond with the cup.

    I also love this photo purely because of the awful remnants of playoff beard facial hair. (Note the true 'stache power of Brad Richardson and Matt Greene.)

    Thanks to the Dodgers Twitter feed for providing the moments!

Fraser and Little Fraser

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    The keeper of the cup did a fantastic job of keeping us up to date on the travels of the cup via Twitter.

    He also captured great moments such as this. Puck Daddy originally posted the nice family moment on Yahoo.

    It's important to note that during the post season, Fraser missed a few games to go back home and care for the health of his son

Welcome Home Rick

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    To small town Kenora, Ontario, on it went. But Mike Richards was still repping the Silver and Black of the Kings (in more ways than one).

    Picture courtesy of the Keeper of the Cup, and KingsNewsDaily

The Image Everyone Wanted to See

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    If this doesn't bring a tear to the eye of a Kings fan, I don't know what will.

    It's been 39 long years for Bob. His broadcasting has gone hand in hand with the Los Angeles Kings as long as many people have been fans.

    Photo courtesy of Rich Hammond, the Kings Insider.

Just Another Day at the Farm

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    Well, it beats shoveling ****, right Coach?

    Fox Sports West's website did a nice write up along with a good album of Sutter's travels up to the family farm in Viking, Alberta here.

Long Time Coming

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    Just like Bob Miller, Darryl Evans and Jim Fox have a long history as broadcasters with the Kings. Both also have a long history with the team as players. It was great to finally see them with the cup. 

    This photo in particular was taken during a Stanley Cup event hosted by the Kings T.V. and Radio Broadcasting teams at Redondo Beach.

    NHL.com provided a gallery of photos from the event.

Well, Stanley Cup Champions Still Gotta Shop, Ya Know...

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    Family man Dustin Brown was just out doing a little shopping during the Olympics...

    The image first surfaced on Reddit Hockey and made it's way over to Justin Bourne and TheScore.com

No Words Need Be Spoken

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    Who says the second time isn't as sweet?

    Justin Williams enjoyed his cup day with a South Jersey Sunset. The moments were recorded by the Kings Vision team.

King of the Mountain

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    He had 15 seasons as a pro to think about where he would take the cup if he ever won it.

    This moment, and several others like this one from Mitchell's day with the cup can be found on NBC's Pro Hockey Talk.

Post Your Own!

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    These are just my personal favorites. 

    Do you have some? Let's see them! Link it in the reply section and share your favorite championship offseason moment.