How Los Angeles Dodgers Can Steal Spotlight Away from Lakers' Epic Offseason

James Shim@shimmersiamCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2012

How Los Angeles Dodgers Can Steal Spotlight Away from Lakers' Epic Offseason

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    The city of Los Angeles has had a busy year in sports. The Kings won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history and Los Angeles Dodgers made a few big roster additions to help their chances in the playoff hunt.

    Oh, and how can we forget what the Lakers did this offseason by adding Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Antawn Jamison. 

    It's clear that the Lakers are buzzing more than ever in Los Angeles, as they enter 2012-13 with a stacked roster. With the epic offseason the Lakers had, it's easy to see why residents of LA cannot wait for basketball season to start. 

    With their huge acquisitions, most of the focus in LA has gone straight to the Lakers, and past the Dodgers. 

    The Dodgers, who are currently in a tight race for the divisional lead with rivals San Francisco Giants, have been in the shadows of the Lakers ever since the Nash and Howard additions. 

    With the spotlight pointed on the Lakers' huge offseason, the Dodgers can steal that spotlight and have the city of Los Angeles direct their focus towards them.

    With a little over a month left in the MLB regular season, here is how the Los Angeles Dodgers can steal the spotlight from the Los Angeles Lakers. 

1. Win Consecutively and Consistently

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    It's simple, win games and a team will be successful. 

    The divisional race looks to tighten up as the season is near its end. If the Dodgers can manage to win games consecutively and consistently, they can easily turn the spotlight away from the Lakers. 

    As the MLB nears the postseason, winning games and taking control of the NL West will have people talking about the Dodgers, and how they are getting "hot" at the right time of the season. 

    By winning games, it will give the "Boys in Blue" a chance at the postseason for the first time since 2009. Many people know that in the postseason, anything can happen. 

    If the Dodgers can start winning and get a chance at the playoffs, it will give them an opportunity to win their first World Series since 1988.

    Certainly, something to be buzzing about. 

2. New Acquisitions Make Huge Impact

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    Everyone knows the Lakers made huge additions by adding Howard and Nash to their roster. 

    Before the trade deadline, the Dodgers made some big moves themselves by acquiring Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino. 

    With the offense struggling as Matt Kemp was returning from his hamstring injury, the Dodgers hoped that the additions of Victorino and Ramirez would rejuvenate their bats. 

    Currently ranked 14th in batting average in the MLB, the Dodgers have improved offensively, as they were ranked 22nd in the month of July. 

    The acquisitions of Nash and Howard were great for the Lakers. However, if Victorino and Ramirez can contribute on offense consistently and help Matt Kemp lead the Dodgers to the playoffs, the new duo of acquisitions in blue will be the talk of the town. 

3. Sweep the Giants in Their Upcoming Series

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    Going along with the first point on winning on a consecutive basis, the Dodgers could use it now more than ever. 

    They face the divisional rival San Francisco Giants in a three-game series starting Monday, and is probably one of the most important series this season. 

    Everyone knows about the Dodgers-Giants rivalry, and how intense it can get. However, the reason why this series goes beyond the rivalry is because the Dodgers currently hold a half game lead over the Giants in the NL West.

    In a tight race for the top spot in the division, a sweep of the Giants would not only give the Dodgers some more breathing room, but also some bragging rights as it would be the second time this season they would have swept the rival Giants. 

    With every game becoming more and more important, a sweep of the Giants would certainly give the fans of LA something to cheer about. 

4. Not Only Make the Playoffs, but Make a Deep Playoff Run

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    Something the Lakers failed to do this past offseason was win an NBA title. After being bounced in the second round to the Oklahoma City Thunder, many fans were saddened after another year of failing to reach the NBA finals. 

    With the MLB postseason right around the corner, if the Dodgers can make a deep playoff run and even make the World Series, the Lakers' epic offseason can be put on hold. 

    When the LA Kings made the playoffs, the city of LA cheered for their hockey team louder than ever. With that support, the Kings were able to eventually win the Stanley Cup. 

    The same can happen for the Dodgers.

    By making the playoffs, the spotlight from the Lakers can be taken away and shined on the Dodgers' World Series hopes. 

    The city of Los Angeles loves their sports teams and if the Dodgers can make the postseason, people of the city will turn their focus from an NBA offseason to something more important; a World Series title run.