WWE Signs Two Independent Wrestlers: Talent Analysis and Career Projections

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 18, 2012

photo from chaoticwrestling.com
photo from chaoticwrestling.com

PWInsider (via Wrestlinginc.com) reports that WWE has signed wrestlers Max Bauer and Mercedes KV to developmental deals. 

Both Mercedes and Bauer had done much of their previous work with Chaotic Wrestling and New England Championship Wrestling. 

WWE has never been shy about adding new talent, even if the roster is stacked.  Who knows which stars will leave for greener pastures, be suspended for violating the Wellness Policy or suffer a career-ending injury? 

Their newest signees will begin their career in Florida.  They'll further develop their skills until the company deems them major league ready. 

Most fans won't recognize these new names.  Just who are these new wrestlers?  Just how good can Mercedes and Bauer be? 

Mercedes KV

Mercedes KV (real name: Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado) is the prototype for the kind of Diva WWE has sought in recent years, slender and pretty.  She's built a lot like AJ, only a tad taller. 

Mercedes is quick, but not at an all-world level.  She's more technically proficient than about half the current roster.  She boasts an impressive repertoire that includes a missile dropkick and suicide dive.

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She's a high-energy wrestler who can impress in the air and on the mat.  Her ability to sell her opponent's moves is above average and should only get better with experience. 

She's only 20 years old right now.

Mercedes KV is exactly what WWE is looking for.  Though not as stunningly beautiful as AJ or Eve, she has the current WWE Diva look.  Her in-ring style would fit right in. 

She's talented enough to make the main roster in short time, but with the Divas division being featured less and less on WWE programming, there might not be many open slots. 

Mercedes will likely be in a similar position to Tamina or Alicia Fox, appearing occasionally, serving as the tag team partner to more high-profile women. 

Max Bauer

A standout star in the New England area for some time, Max Bauer will deservedly get a shot at journeying to the next level.  While competing for Chaotic and New England Championship Wrestling, Bauer has racked up championship titles and caught WWE's eye.

Bauer is 6'5'' and 274 lbs.  He's an intriguing blend of big man and high-flyer. 

He is quick and agile enough to perform a gorgeous flying clothesline and powerful enough to make power moves look devastating.    

Obviously a big fan of Arn Anderson, Bauer took both Anderson's "Enforcer" nickname and his spinebuster finisher.

Though Bauer is comfortable on the mic, he is going to need some sharpening when it comes to his interviews.  Wrestling and performing alongside WWE's growing stock of rising talent should help him elevate his game. 

He has great potential.  WWE will work on his physique, adding muscle and tone to Bauer's large but undefined frame. 

With Richie Steamboat, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and others in line ahead of him, it should be several years before we see Max Bauer on the big stage.  That's fortuitous for him, as he'll get a chance to grow with little pressure. 

When he does come up, he'd be best suited to begin as someone's hired muscle or right-hand man, similar to how Alex Riley did with The Miz. 

Though he may surprise during his development in Florida, Bauer isn't a blue-chipper.  He comes off as talented, but not future world champion material.  Bauer will likely find a niche and flourish in it, playing a Tyler Reks role to a Curt Hawkins-type wrestler.  

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