LA Galaxy Star David Beckham Gets Sculpted with H&M Sexy Statue Release

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 15, 2012

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports
Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

David Beckham as a chiseled Adonis gets a whole new meaning, as H&M stores will adorn their locales with sexy statues of Mr. Posh Spice. 

Men, you should probably expect to get dragged to an H&M at some point soon, because the David Beckham statues will attract your better halves like In-N-Outs and Fatburgers attract yours truly. 

Consider them something of a spiritual journey for the Beckham lover in your household. 

Yahoo Sports (h/t BuzzFeed) reports the Becks lookalikes were first spotted at the Regent Street store in London. From there, men across the world will get firsthand knowledge of what a man looks like. 


Not seeing the difference between my sexy body in tighty whities and the Galaxy star midfielder's. Sure, he may have less in some places and more in others, but whatevs. 

If I run, do I not wheeze? If I kick a ball, does it not sputter a few yards before coming to a stop?

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Oh, I get it. 

For those interested in the human form without the complement of love handles or mustard stains, Glamour reports the 11-foot statues will get face time in these locations: 

New York City
South Street Seaport
FlatIron, 5th Avenue & 23rd Street
Fifth Avenue between 58th Street & 59th Street
H&M Store at Lexington Avenue & 59th Street
H&M Store at Fifth Avenue & 51st Street
H&M Store at Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street

Los Angeles:
Hollywood and Highland
H&M Store at the Beverly Center

San Francisco:
Union Square

I already feel great pain anytime I enter an H&M store, knowing full well that the little woman was supposed to go in for a "quick sec," only to have me walking around the store like a fat zombie with no purpose but to stay upright and find the only chair in the building. 

Now we get huge Beckham statues with a Superman pose like some sexy superhero who saves the world from split ends. 

Get your couch time in now, because soon you will hear the words, "Honey, we need to head over to H&M for a quick sec."

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