Chelsea vs. Manchester City: Rating the Blues Players in FA Community Shield

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIAugust 12, 2012

Chelsea vs. Manchester City: Rating the Blues Players in FA Community Shield

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    Chelsea lost an entertaining match to Manchester City in the FA Community Shield.

    For casual observers, the match was as good as it gets. There were plenty of goals, and both teams were keen on moving forward, leading to a wide-open game.

    The English Premier League champions asserted their dominance once again, making it clear that it won't be easy to dethrone them. Chelsea could've been better, but it was a promising match. Moreover, they proved they will be in the hunt for England's biggest trophy.

GK: Petr Cech, 5.0

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    Petr Cech didn't have much of a chance on Manchester City's three goals, but he didn't do anything incredible outside of that.

    His defense let him down on multiple occasions, and Cech didn't have enough magic to save the day. Chelsea have plenty of problems in the back, but Cech won't be one of them.

    He'll have his fair share of clean sheets this year; it just might take awhile.

LB: Ashley Cole, 7.5

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    Ashley Cole is very good at what he does.

    He is great going forward, but he absolutely locks up the left side of defense. Despite having some issues in the back, Chelsea didn't need to worry about Cole's side. He was good again, but it simply wasn't enough.

    At some point, he will slow down, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

CB: David Luiz, 4.5

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    With David Luiz, there are just some games that make you question his place.

    He looked lost against Manchester City, and he did not help out in the defense. He is still a very good player, but he didn't showcase that on Sunday. Once Chelsea were down to 10 men, Luiz seemed to disappear.

    It's only one game, but Luiz won't get much playing time if his form stays like this.

CB: John Terry, 6.0

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    The Chelsea captain was solid once again in the back.

    He wasn't able to organize his defense well enough to prevent three second half goals. Individually, he was fine, even though he needed to do better on Manchester City's equalizer.

    Regardless, Terry will still be a rock in Chelsea's defense this year.

RB: Branislav Ivanovic, 4.0

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    Branislav Ivanovic has had better days.

    Although his red card was controversial, it was probably warranted, given that he came in studs up and didn't get much of the ball. Chelsea looked good with 11 men, but they looked horrible with only 10.

    Ivanovic deserves most of the blame for the game turning in the second half because he simply didn't need to make the reckless challenge. While the red card seemed to be a bit rash, Ivanovic never should've put himself in that situation.

    It was a very bad night for him at right-back.

CM: John Obi Mikel, 5.0

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    John Obi Mikel didn't show much once Chelsea went down to 10 men.

    He's inconsistent, and his good days don't seem to outweigh the bad. If he continues to play like he did on Saturday, Mikel will find himself on the bench.

    He's still a solid option, but don't expect him to start on a regular basis.

CM: Frank Lampard, 6.0

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    Frank Lampard didn't do a whole lot against Manchester City.

    He wasn't poor by any means, but he didn't have much say in the result. Lampard is a calming presence in the midfield, which was nice. But he didn't do much else, for better or for worse.

LAM: Eden Hazard, 6.5

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    Teams like Manchester City will always provide problems for Eden Hazard.

    He's strong on the ball, but he isn't as impressive when teams can push him around. He was fine in his first real Chelsea match, and he looked dangerous. It will take some time to adjust to English football, but Hazard will be just fine.

CAM: Juan Mata, 5.5

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    Juan Mata didn't bring much to the match.

    He wasn't much of a threat, and he was even more useless once Branislav Ivanovic was dismissed. Some days just don't go well, and Sunday was one of those days for Mata.

RAM: Ramires, 6.0

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    Ramires had a very good first half.

    With a full roster, he was dangerous, and he did well to create Chelsea's first goal. With only 10 men, though, Ramires suddenly disappeared. He does better when he has room to run, and he's notably worse when he doesn't.

    Ramires serves his purpose, but he needs to be more efficient when things don't go according to plan.

ST: Fernando Torres, 7.0

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    Fernando Torres is back!

    OK, that might not be true, but he did have a calm finish to open the scoring. If Torres can finish that cleverly on a regular basis, Chelsea won't need to think about another striker.

    Torres has looked good in his last few matches, but he needs to sustain that for an entire year. Let's see if he can get the job done.