Ray Allen and 4 NBA Veterans Who Will Disappoint Their New Team

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIAugust 11, 2012

Ray Allen and 4 NBA Veterans Who Will Disappoint Their New Team

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    Any kind of offseason acquisition is risky, and NBA-tested veterans like Ray Allen are no exception. Allen is the headliner of a group of veterans who will ultimately disappoint the teams that have recently added them.

    While many times these additions seem like they will make a team unstoppable, most of the time they never live up to expectations. Even if they do end up helping that new team, they still are unable to live up to the tremendous hype that is generated by their arrival.

    Allen has been a superstar throughout his NBA career, but the idea that he will make the Miami Heat that much better is wrong. His age, limited abilities and recent injury problems are all causes for concern. He may be able to knock down a few shots for them, but he certainly will not be the game-changer that some expect him to be.

    The former Boston Celtic is not the only player in such a situation. There are plenty all around the league; NBA veterans who will be unable to make the team they are headed to that much better. These are cautionary tales in the never-ending story of the NBA offseason.

Ray Allen

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    Ray Allen has been a great player for and within the NBA. After finally winning a title in Boston, Allen is now headed to South Beach, where he will try to win even more as a role player for the Miami Heat. However, the expectations are too high, and Heat fans will be disappointed.

    At age 37, Allen is no longer the superstar he once was. He had been beaten out of his starting position in Boston by Avery Bradley. I mean no slight to Bradley, but the fact that Allen could not beat him out says something about just how far his abilities have fallen.

    While Allen can still shoot very well, that is all he can do. Even that is not enough for a role player. Allen must be able to help the Heat more than that, but he will be unable to do so. He will hit some shots for them, but his presence will make them worse on defense and less athletic, which will not help them against the teams they will have to beat.

Antawn Jamison

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    The addition of Antawn Jamison to the Los Angeles Lakers has been lauded as a great acquisition that will greatly improve the Lakers' bench. This is mostly due to Jamison's stats from last season, when he averaged 17 points and six boards for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Stats can be deceiving. Jamison averaged those numbers while also averaging 33 minutes played per game. He will be lucky to get a third of that, especially since he will be backing up Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. He also was playing on a team where he was arguably the best scoring option. That certainly will not be the case in L.A.

    Jamison will struggle to help the Lakers, primarily because he does not bring the athleticism that they really need to continue to improve and compete with Oklahoma City and San Antonio. Those teams have a ton of youth and athleticism, neither of which are an area Jamison helps in.

Brandon Roy

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    At one point in his career, Brandon Roy was one of the best shooting guards in the NBA. Now, he has been out of the league for over a year due to injury issues. He will not be the same player for the Minnesota Timberwolves that he was for the Portland Trail Blazers.

    It just is not possible. There is no way that Roy can come back and be just as good after an entire year away. Such a return is further complicated by the numerous and extensive injuries the former star has suffered. He may end up being a serviceable starter at the shooting guard spot for Minnesota, but it is unlikely that he will be all that much better than anyone they have had in the spot.

    As sad as it is, Roy will never return to his former form. It has been too long, his injuries are too severe and the role on the team will not be a big enough one to allow him to. With Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio and Andrei Kirilenko having to all share the ball, Roy is not going to get the same opportunities as he did in Portland.

Raymond Felton

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    The New York Knicks will be disappointed by Raymond Felton next season. It was an odd move in and of itself, and though it saved the Knicks quite a bit of money by providing an alternative to Jeremy Lin, it will make them less productive on the court.

    Felton did have success with the Knicks a few years back, averaging 17 points and nine assists per game. However, that was a very different Knicks team that was built around Amar'e Stoudemire and Mike D'Antoni's offensive system. Felton has never been that good outside that system, and it he will not be next season either.

    Mike Woodson is now the head man for the Knicks, and D'Antoni's balanced, up-tempo offense is gone. Instead, the Knicks now use iso-heavy sets to get scoring opportunities for Carmelo Anthony. The role of the point guard is not a big one, and it has basically been relegated to that of a spot-up shooter. Felton will not do well in this half-court system. He is also not the defender the Knicks could have used at this spot. Those are two big reasons why he will ultimately disappoint this season.

Chris Kaman

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    Chris Kaman has been a fairly talented center in this league for nearly a decade now. However, he is not the right fit for the Dallas Mavericks and will not complement Dirk Nowitzki very well in the low post.

    The Mavericks need a strong, defensive center to complement Nowitzki, and that is just not who Kaman is. While he is fairly athletic, that athleticism is better on the offensive end. He has averaged double-digit scoring throughout his career, but his contributions on defense and the boards have not been ideal. He is a seven-footer and will be better than many would be in that spot, but he will not be ideal for this team.

    Nowitzki's propensity for playing outside the paint requires the team to have a strong defensive presence inside. That is why Tyson Chandler was such a good fit for Dallas when they won the title. Kaman cannot come close to bringing the defensive presence that Chandler did, and, unfortunately for him, that is what Dallas needs. He will be judged against that standard and come up far short.


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