Manchester United Transfer News: Why Lucas Moura Will Regret Snubbing United

Max TowleAnalyst IAugust 7, 2012

Image via ESPN
Image via ESPN

Poor old Lucas Moura. You've got to pity the lad, don't you?

Little does he know that he has, more than likely, made a decision that will one day come back to haunt him.

Sure, he'll be paid handsomely for the privilege of sitting on PSG's bench, but if he ever aspired to reach the grand heights of world football, he will be joining the wrong club (via The Independent).

And if Lucas Moura doesn't want to move to the "boring" city of Manchester, then Manchester United fans certainly don't want him to. Sir Alex will lead a title charge with or without the Brazilian, defying those who have foolishly written his team off before.

It is moments like these that make fans decry the new financial nature of the game, cursing at the bottomless pockets of the Chelsea, Manchester City and PSG sugar daddies.

Some would argue that these are the men that are ruining football.

You cannot blame Sir Alex for failing to land his man, and you cannot blame the Glazers, despite their mountain of debt. You cannot blame the city of Manchester, despite its rain and industrial setting.

I might also argue that Moura's representatives are not to blame either, for it is surely in the very nature of football agents to be shameless, money-hungry pimps.

And let PSG overspend too, let them slither in and outbid United for a player they have little need for, because when you have all the money in the world, an arrogant sense of entitlement inevitably follows.

For if vast wealth and the lights of Boulevard Saint-Germain are all one looks for in life, Moura has made a very fine decision indeed.

I only pity him and his decision-making abilities for the sake of the game—the supposed reason over £100,000 will be deposited into his bank account every week.

But if he had ever wanted to become a legend, he has perhaps made the biggest mistake he will ever make, and for that, he should be pitied by all.


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