5 WWE Superstars with the Best Chance to Defeat Ryback

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 2, 2012

5 WWE Superstars with the Best Chance to Defeat Ryback

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    Eventually someone will do what no man has been able to do thus far: defeat Ryback.  Which superstar makes the most sense as being the one who ends his undefeated streak?

    On Ryback's tear through the WWE's lowest levels, he's manhandled local talent in a return to the classic jobber vs. superstar dynamic.  After taking on two beanpoles at a time, WWE has begun to feed Ryback more substantial meals. 

    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks together couldn't beat him.  Ryback will now start to climb up the WWE ladder, devouring the little-used talent first before Shell Shocking the mid-card wrestlers. 

    If WWE plays this right, Ryback's first defeat can be a great story, a stunning surprise and the beginning of a compelling feud.   

    I've mentioned several faces on this list with the assumption that Ryback will lean more and more towards heeldom. His demeanor and aggression are perfects fits for a villain role.  When he runs out of bottom-feeding bad guys, he'll likely move on to the other side.


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    With Dolph Ziggler armed with the Money in the Bank briefcase, it may be only a matter of time before Sheamus is ambushed and left championshipless. 

    After the obligatory rematch, Sheamus may be left out of the world title picture with tons of leftover momentum. 

    Choosing him as Ryback's first loss gives the Celtic Warrior an opportunity to stay in the spotlight.  As strong as he's looked as World Heavyweight Champion, it's not hard to imagine him battling Ryback and coming out on top. 

    The match itself would be a power move overload and intense fight.  Ryback gains exposure with a subsequent Sheamus feud and fans get to see a series of hard-hitting battles. 

John Cena

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    If John Cena is chosen as the man to end Ryback's streak, a significant portion of the WWE fanbase is going to groan.  He's too obvious a choice.  Choosing Cena has him playing Superman yet again.

    Cena's been the man to take out John Laurinaitis, Brock Lesnar and Tensai in recent months. 

    It makes sense to put Cena in as the Ryback defeater, even if isn't the most surprising move in WWE history.  Though there would be an issue of how to handle Ryback's post-undefeated career. 

    WWE could easily make the mistake of having him fade away after being put down by Cena.   

Tyson Kidd

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    The least likely candidate would also be the most exciting.

    Tyson Kidd has now pulled off two upsets against Tensai.  Doing the same against Ryback would receive an enormous reaction from the crowd. 

    Not only is Kidd a fan favorite even among the snarkiest of fans, but going with Kidd hits our underdog-loving nerve.  Reprising the 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon feud of the early '90s, Ryback could follow his defeat with a frenzied attack on anyone and everyone around him.

    Watching him obsess over getting a rematch with Kidd could be stellar television.

Randy Orton

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    With Randy Orton now back from his suspension, WWE has a number of options with what to do with one of its top faces. 

    If Orton is not in the title hunt against CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler (assuming of course that he cashes in and wins) then perhaps serving as the man to stop Ryback is the best spot for him. 

    Having Ryback dominate much of his match with Orton increases his invincible aura.  An Orton win gives him the role of protector and gutsy fighter. 

    A feud following Ryback's loss would feature a number of exciting matches where two titans faced off.  


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    While not on the scale of all-time upset that a Tyson Kidd victory would be, a Christian win would be surprising.

    Ryback has a significant strength advantage.  He may toss Christian around the ring and rattle his inside against the steel steps in what looks to be another in the line of victories. 

    Christian has long had a reputation for toughness and perseverance.  He'd need plenty of both to come out on top here.  A Christian win gives him make the mojo he lost when Miz took his Intercontinental Championship.

    As for Ryback, losing to Christian could set him off further and in his next few matches he could lose by disqualification because of an exploding temper.  Christian is versatile and experienced enough to pull out a high-quality match or two with Ryback.

    WWE has a number of choices when selecting who delivers Ryback's loss.  Christian is among the best options if they want to go with an upset.