Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012: Latest Buzz Surrounding Tonight's Event

Marilee Gallagher@mgallagher17Contributor IIJuly 27, 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012: Latest Buzz Surrounding Tonight's Event

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    Back before the Olympics began, even before the final announcement of who would host the games was announced, the challenge of hosting the Olympics was all anyone could talk about.

    Who can top Beijing's opening ceremony? It was the question on everyone's minds and it will continue to be on everyone's minds until one country puts on an even bigger spectacle. USA, I'm looking to you for that one.

    London will no doubt put on a spectacular show, but from what has been revealed about the performance, it will not be as precise or as awing as the one put on by China. They will not try to outdo or even replicate Beijing.

    Directed by Danny Boyle, it will be more about showcasing London and doing so in a quirky and characteristic way. There won't be 2008 drummers playing in complete unison. It wouldn't make sense if there was.

    The point of the opening ceremony is to highlight the host country, to focus on some of the things that make it great. For Britain, this is culture and music, and these are two things that will be front and center at the Games.

    From James Bond and Lord Voldemort to Paul McCartney and David Beckham, London's opening ceremony will heavily feature their culture, their music, their literature and of course a nod to their great history.

    Could this mean an appearance and perhaps even the the starting of the Games by the Queen?

    Here is what we can expect from tonight's epic event, "the Isles of Wonder."

Lord Voldemort vs. ... Mary Poppins?

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    In a million years I never would have expected that the battle for good vs. evil would be led by a 40-foot tall Lord Voldemort and 30 flying nannies representing Mary Poppins, but judging by this photo, this is exactly what will be happening at the Opening Ceremonies.

    In a nod to British literature, multiple sources, including the BBC America, have reported that one of the Olympic scenes will feature this very battle.

    It sounds quirky and fun, just the way London has planned these ceremonies to be. It will certainly be interesting. Now it's just a matter of whom to root for...

James Bond Carries the Torch

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    While Voldemort battling Mary Poppins is ludicrous, Daniel Craig, or rather James Bond himself kick-starting the ceremonies makes absolute sense.

    According to a report from The Guardian, James Bond will be on a mission entitled "the Arrival." In his mission he will be called on to start the Opening Ceremonies. After receiving his orders from wait for it, the Queen herself, Bond will parachute into the stadium with the torch in hand.

    The Queen is London's most famous and treasured personality and she is celebrating her golden jubilee this year. 2012 also marks the 50th anniversary of Britain's greatest hero and the series of movies he appeared in.

    Having these two open the ceremonies really is a dream come true.

A Journey Through Britain's History

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    Captured in the opening ceremony will be the essence that is England and Great Britain. Aspects of the nation's great history will be featured as we are taken on a journey through the storied past, present and perhaps future of the United Kingdom. Said the Huffington Post:

    The ceremony's mastermind, filmmaker Boyle, has stressed that the 3-hour show will take viewers on a sweeping journey through Britain's history, one that captures the nation's identity, values, heritage, as well as its present and future. In their own ways, each of the elements represents some aspect of Englishness — though some in quirkier ways than others.

    Going along with featuring the history includes re-creating scenes from the past in a way that will make the opening ceremony feel like a cinematic event. From Olympic Stadium to our seats back at home, the re-creation will certainly be thrilling.

    Oh and one more note, in order to authenticate a British environment, Boyle has plans to bring in real clouds providing real rain, just in case on the off chance the sky stays dry for the ceremony. 

Cricket in the Olympics!

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    It would have only been fitting for the IOC to put cricket back in the Olympics for the 2012 Games. The sport that was born in England and has long been part of their culture could have replaced baseball. After all, we wouldn't have baseball if not for cricket.

    Unfortunately there will be no cricket matches contested during the Games. Instead we will have to settle for a nod to the great sport in the opening ceremony, as according to a report in the Huffington Post, cricket will be featured, no doubt in a unique way. 

Music, Music and More Music

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    From the Beatles to the BBC News theme song and everything in between, music will be a huge part of the Olympic opening ceremony.

    Britain has always had a great history of music and all of that will be displayed when the ceremony takes place. Although it is unconfirmed that this is the soundtrack for the Games, a British-loaded music playlist was leaked onto the internet.

    This 86-song playlist highlights and covers just about every era, genre and artist that has been a part of Britain's great musical history. It is expected that this music will play while the athletes and countries are welcomed into the stadium.

    Preview the entire playlist here.

David Beckham to Appear in the Olympics After All

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    It seemed like a great injustice for the British soccer team, one that doesn't have a shot at contending anyway, to keep David Beckham off of the roster. He had announced he would play in the Games and then retire but as it turns out, the team had other plans.

    Well, even though Beckham will not be out on the field, he will in fact figure prominently into the Games as he is one of the final torch bearers.

    Could he be lighting the Olympic flame? It would only be just if he did.

London to Ring "All the Bells"

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    Perhaps one of the coolest things that has come out about the Olympic ceremony is the spectacular bell choir that will begin before the Games.

    Before Big Ben tolls for 40 times, a country-wide Olympic bell choir will ring out for three straight minutes from 8:12 to 8:15 AM. This event is part of the accompanying arts festival going along with the Games, and people from all over the country are invited to participate with a real bell or bell app to celebrate the start of the games.

    The ringing of these bells is to prepare for the opening of the Games when Big Ben and England's largest bell will ring in a beautiful, melodic tribute.

Paul McCartney to Close with "Hey Jude"

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    I can think of no better way than for Paul McCartney to end the opening ceremony with a rendition of one of the Beatles' greatest hits as the entire audience is invited to sing along in unison.

    I guess I personally didn't really think of this but nevertheless, according to The Guardian Sir Paul has confirmed himself that this is exactly what will happen at the end of the great event.

    It only makes sense that he would be chosen for this. After all, you can't have a celebration of Britain without the Beatles. They are as British and as a part of that history as the monarchy itself.