WWE: Has AJ's 'Crazy' Gimmick Run Its Course?

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIJuly 26, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

In half of WWE's gimmicks and feuds, the story line isn't developed quite enough, but in AJ's case, the "crazy chick" shtick needs to find a quick end and soon.

AJ Lee has done something that women in the WWE have a hard time doing—she's gained immense spotlight and is featured in Raw main events and WWE Championship matches.

And she's done it so well.

The sweet and innocent, cute little girl next door who acted as Daniel Bryan's proverbial punching bag for so long finally came into her own.

Here's a brief refresher: AJ valeted for Bryan until he dumped her, blaming her for his loss at WrestleMania. After weeks of trying to win Bryan back, she became infatuated with his newest opponent—CM Punk.

The feud developed and so, too, did AJ's intensity.

Kane played a small, brief part in which AJ strangely kissed him furthering the WWE Universe's confusion.

Once Kane exited the scene, it was back to Bryan and Punk. Still, no one could fully tell whose side AJ was on.

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She was brilliant.

It was impossible to predict what AJ would do next. Some thought she might screw Punk at Money in the Bank proving she was conniving and in cahoots with Bryan the entire time. Others were convinced she would make a great valet for Punk.

Yet, she didn't do much of anything at all during the PPV.

The match ended fairly and fans were left with even more bewilderment and unanswered questions. Granted, the majority likely were pleased at AJ's lack of effect on a championship match.

But it begs the question: What was the point?

Whether it's a book, a movie or a WWE feud, the entire journey can be deflated by a horrible outcome. Fans need resolution and it better be good—it better be worth their time.

Likewise, the crazy AJ gimmick will have fans scratching their head wondering once again what the point was should there not be a suitable end.

Had fans received any resemblance of an explanation—or at the least a means to extend the craziness—the continuance of AJ's current direction would have been fantastic.

But just like that, Punk dropped out of the picture.

AJ was left with Bryan once more, skipping between "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and "I don't know."

Finally, the crazy one seemed to make an equally crazy decision—AJ said yes to Daniel Bryan's marriage proposal.

The move provided added life to an angle on the rapid decline.

Will she really do it? Will he really do it? Who is going to interrupt?

In an instant, it came crashing back down again.

AJ stood at the altar chanting yes, then suddenly said no. After giving an odd explanation about saying yes to someone else's earlier proposal, Vince McMahon's music hit and one GM offer later, AJ has the largest, most important (kayfabe) role in the company.

Leaving Daniel Bryan at the altar is not crazy.

Accepting the position of General Manager is not crazy.

So is she even still "crazy?"

The WWE creative team has backed themselves into a corner with this storyline. There aren't many options that will both make sense and satisfy fans.

Besides, hiring a person known to be unstable to run the show does not make any sense.

I for one don't think the WWE can utilize the young and confused erratic persona and the highly important GM role at the same time within one character—at least not effectively.

And then there's the deeper meaning.

Is it right and fair to reward someone for being mentally unstable?

Handing a very much unqualified AJ a crucial GM role is a knee-jerk reaction. It's the WWE saying, "AJ got herself here with amazing acting chops, now we have to keep her here."

It's unfair to say, but the reality of it is that as a female in the WWE, it's going to be extremely difficult for AJ to maintain such a high status and such a high position.

Hence, she's the GM now.

The move keeps her in the spotlight and good for her. She's certainly earned it.

A psychotic GM makes for an interesting angle. But you can only do so much with crazy before it becomes overbearing and too much to take.

AJ's nearly there already.

The writers of this story have officially passed its climax. It's time to start writing the conclusion.

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