The Coolest Non-Basketball Trick Shots on the Internet

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJuly 26, 2012

The Coolest Non-Basketball Trick Shots on the Internet

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    Buried beneath the results-based sports surface are endless clips of talented, or perhaps crafty, enthusiasts searching for brief fame, worldwide respect and a chance to shock professional scouts.

    But like NFL analyst Todd McShay and his precise dissection of collegiate prospects, we're here to study the vast amount of viral videos and pluck those with the most promise. The ultimate trick shots.

    Finally athletes can forget about production and focus solely on pizazz. From Frisbees off walls into buckets to footballs soaring through fire-rimmed ovals and hockey pucks defying gravity, the trickery never ends.

    Get ready for a wild ride with the coolest non-basketball trick shots flooding the web.

    Allow your eyes to absorb pure greatness.

20. Bend It Like Beckham

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    With a strawed diet Pepsi coincidentally propped in his left hand, advertising guru David Beckham makes three epic shots that make the sunset-flooded beach look like an industrial waste site. 

    Becks continues to steal moments.

19. Over the Top Ovy

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    Forgot about goalie Marc-Andre Fleury flopping to the floor like an exhausted hippo—let's appreciate Alex Ovechkin's creativity. Scoring with the butt of the stick.

    It's surprising he even needs any wood at all to make magic happen.

18. A Gentleman's Shot

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    For those who believe the sport of golf lacks a creative and abstract nature, enjoy the pure brilliance displayed by this avid swinger. 

    Just a tip of the shoulder and this dude's already reached greatness.

17. Kevin Harper Defies Nature

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    Considering he'd kicked an Ohio-record 61-yarder in high school and a 52-yarder against Cincinnati (the longest in Heinz Field history for a collegiate kicker), we were expecting visual gold from Pitt kicker Kevin Harper. And he didn't disappoint.

    A 50-yard barefoot kick while dressed as a hillbilly, an angular bush shot, a monsoon field goal. No environment prevents Harper from dominating the gridiron. He can even post up.

16. The Art of Hunting

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    Quick arrow access...attach my arrow, acquire my target, do work.

    He may not be the best, but this hunter is by far the most passionate. Yeaaaaaaaaa!

    But why are pandas always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Ben Stiller knows what we're talking about.

15. Wetting the Frisbee

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    Monster waves and epic air-bound jumps pale in comparison to a soaring Frisbee falling crisply into the hands of a jet-skiing passenger.

    Breathtaking footage.

14. All Black Everything

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    We'd never question the New Zealand men's national rugby team or their ferociously Haka-ing ways, but this just seems ridiculous.

    Perhaps some mirrors were involved. Deception is the name of the game.

13. Lassi Hurskainen Goes on the Offensive

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    While we could've done without the R. Kelly, this scoring masterpiece is obviously a work of art.

    If there's anything we've learned from UNC goalie Lassi Hurskainen (that's right, a goaltender with scoring ability), it's that while he has impeccable accuracy, he can't actually put the ball in net.

12. The Federer Express

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    Time to give 155-mph server Andy Roddick a try.

    On second thought, let's check in to see how well Andy Murray performed this trick on British television.

11. Tony Azevedo Becomes a Legend

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    Just touching goal post to Lamborghini, nothing out of the ordinary here.

    U.S. Water Polo sensation Tony Azevedo is simply enjoying his time with fans.

10. Extreme Bowling 101

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    They had us at smashed window.

    Sand, trampolines, portable toilet stations, three half-pipe ramps? No problems, only opportunities for this bowler.

9. A Biting Opposition

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    Hitters have cork, football coaches have spies and hockey players have fishing lines. Heck, even Joe Niekro once had an emery board and sandpaper. All forms of trickery.

    This legendary stick-handler gives a slight offering on his way to the net before pulling back forcefully and scoring in epic fashion. Historic bait.

8. Pool Schooled

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    As the Requiem for a Dream theme song increases in intensity, so does this billiard champion's rhythmic flow. But we're left smiling rather than shaking.

    It's the sort of malaise that incorporates acceptance and bewilderment. In essence, greatness.

7. Zach Enyeart Is a Long Shot

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    Former Washington State long snapper Zach Enyeart knows what it takes to get noticed, and he's not afraid to get it done. Just hoping to tantalize NFL scouts as usual.

    Between the legs is the style that all footballers can only hope to master.

6. The Historic Vinyl Toss

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    Welcome to the Hipster Olympics, where creative and artsy flood the playing field.

    This athletic display of disc jockeying is the first of its kind.

5. Gael Monfils Cements His Reputation

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    A pique physical specimen on any court he graces, French tennis star Gael Monfils can return any shot...any way he pleases.

    This behind-the-back, underneath-the-legs, jump-roping move keeps us permanently enamored with his potential. A pure beast.

4. Oliver Wahlstrom Becomes a Prodigy

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    As we study the goaltender during these epic 44 seconds, it becomes clear he never even believed he had a chance. And he didn't.

    Another lacrosse-style goal for the 11-year-old prodigy (Oliver Wahlstrom) this past February is forcing fans to question the NHL's minimum draft-age requirement. Ten years old seems a solid cutting off point.

3. Brodie Smith's Legacy

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    The bro known as Bro-die Smith can clearly chuck a Frisbee.

    Just another Friday afternoon for the man, the legend.

2. Rob Hisey's Shootout Beauty

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    Between the legs, 360, lacrosse-style, top corner.

    If it wasn't for the eloquent announcer, we'd have no idea what just occurred. In essence, everything happened.

1. The Zen of Archery

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    Precision, accuracy and patience. Meet the master of all three steps.

    Pinpoint madness is the essence of this shooter's prowess.