Mark Cuban's Twitter War: The Ultimate "Final Answer"

Dallas Mavericks Examiner@@AustinMFFLCorrespondent IIIJuly 20, 2012

It has been pretty well documented that Mark Cuban has been busy in cyberspace jousting with basketball journalist Bill Simmons and various and sundry other personalities have chimed in on the controversy, including new Maverick Chris Kaman.  

In case you've been hiding under a rock, you can check out the story yourself but basically it went something like this:

The Mavericks claimed Kaman's former teammate Elton Brand off waivers after signing Kaman as a free agent this offseason. 

Simmons originally tweeted, "Put it this way: I wasn't crazy about Elton Brand and Chris Kaman playing together in 2006 when they were still good." Kaman eventually responded, tweeting  "Put it this way: I wasn't crazy about Bill Simmons in 2006 and still not crazy about BS in 2012. #Douche"

But the real fun started Cuban answered "The next smart personnel comment you make will be your first."

Simmons jumped right back in, tweeting "I loved your Tyson Chandler trade, and I thought it was dumb when you let him leave. There's two." 

A random observer @CmackChase chimed in "Well to be fair, Simmons also didn't let an entire championship team minus the superstar walk away for nothing." To which Cuban answered, "possibly because he has never had any involvement with a championship team." 


Back to you Mark:  "Two what? Is "I thought it was dumb" your definitive logic for making personnel decisions?"

Editor's Note:  Are we having fun yet?

Of course, this little spat has some history since it wasn't too long ago Cuban joked that Simmons and his boyfriend are often caught kissing on camera.   Yes, really.

Personally I find this exchange especially entertaining because, in my estimation, they're both wrong.  

Make no mistake, I have been very clear that my definition of Cuban's free-agent fiasco immediately following the 2010-2011 NBA championship is nothing short of an atrocity (although I've also flirted with the idea that everything bad that has happened to the Mavericks since is Lamar Odom's fault).

However, I also feel that the Mavericks have recovered nicely since losing out on Deron Williams, including signing Brand and Kaman.

Ultimately there are some things we have to laugh about so we don't cry and I think these tweets sum it up best:

"Can't wait to wear this at the AAC next year, Yay financial flexibility!"

I'm going to stock up and sell them out of the trunk of my car.

—Craig Berlin

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