Cleveland Cavaliers: Antawn Jamison On The Way?

BobbyContributor IFebruary 17, 2009

With just two days until the NBA trade deadline, a lot of contenders are trying to add the missing pieces to their puzzles. Just like last year, the Cavs are one of them.

Now the rumors have switched from Amare Stoudemire, who looks to be staying in Phoenix, and Marcus Camby, who the Clippers are saying is an untouchable, to Antawn Jamison.

Cavs' fans are no stranger to Jamison, since they have knocked his Wizards out of the playoffs over the past few years.

Sadly, that streak will come to an end this year, with the Wizards having one of the worst records in the league.

The Wizards are looking to get some cap relief, which is why the Cavs look to be a good trading partner for them. Cleveland is reportedly dangling Wally Szczerbiak's expiring contract.

The Wizards would have to send Etan Thomas to Cleveland in the deal, but I'm not sure if Wizards' fans are too sad about that.

So if the Cavs did get Jamison, they'd have his ugly contract coming with him. It still has four years left on it, with around $50 million total being owed to him. For a guy that's 32, that's not a contract you want to take on.

The thing is, this guy is good. He's averaging over 21 points and nine rebounds a game this season, and would give the Cavs a solid second or third scorer behind LeBron.

Also, with Ben Wallace in the twilight of his career, this move would finally push him to the bench.

Jamison isn't as big a name as Amare, or the defensive monster Camby is, but he'd be a very good starting power forward for Cleveland.

Anybody who can give the Cavaliers another 15-20 points a game is great, no matter their age or contract.

This is especially acceptable considering all the expiring contracts the Cavs have after next season, like Ben Wallace's $15 million salary for next season (it hurt typing that,) so Cleveland wouldn't be going into major cap trouble.

I know this trade won't make us the favorites to win it all, but I don't think Boston will be too happy about this trade going through.

Cavs eye Jamison as deadline nears


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