Power-Ranking World Football's 50 Best Stadiums

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IIJuly 13, 2012

Power-Ranking World Football's 50 Best Stadiums

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    The beautiful game has us all captivated when clubs such as modern day Barcelona are working the ball with class, or when the fan atmosphere is so great that you can even get drawn into the action from a seat on the couch.

    But, where would these experiences happen without great venues?

    The truth is that they would not happen. Even if they did, without a memorable location to have experienced it within in most cases the thoughts would be frustrated at best at times.

    However, fortunately for us, we humans love to build big sports stadiums, and as you remember back to your favorite times at a football stadium, enjoy Bleacher Report's top football stadiums in the world.

The Float: Marina Bay, Singapore

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    Opened: 2007

    Capacity: 30,000

    Tenants: None

    Although Singapore's Floating Stadium doesn't have a permanent tenant, the stadium is one of the most interesting grounds in all of world football.

    The venue is the only one that sees matches played while the pitch is surrounded by water.

Ullevaal Stadion: Oslo, Norway

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    Opened: 1926

    Capacity: 25,000+

    Tenants: Valarenga IF and Norwegian National Team

    Norway's most recognizable stadium, the Ullevaal Stadium has been hosting matches for nearly a century in Scandinavia and has no plans of closing its doors for a newer venue anytime soon.

Red Bull Arena: Harris, New Jersey

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    Opened: 2010

    Capacity: 25,000+

    Tenants: New York Red Bull

    Red Bull Arena is the premier soccer venue of the United States' Major League Soccer. The stadium opened in 2010 as one of a wave of new soccer specific stadiums that have been opening in the US, such as Livestrong Park belonging to Sporting Kansas City.

    With the likes of big names such as Thierry Henry gracing the pitch for the Red Bull, the stadium is soon to make a name for itself.

Rasunda Stadium: Solna, Sweden

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    Opened: 1937

    Capacity: 36,000+

    Tenants: Swedish National Team, AIK

    Sweden's most famous Stadium, the Rasunda Stadium, is in the twilight of its time as there are plans to demolish it after 2012 (as announced by the Swedish Football Association back in 2006.)

    The Solna-located venue is one of few stadiums to have hosted finals for both the men's and women's World Cups.

Red Bull Arena: Leipzig, Germany

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    Opened: Originally (1955) Renovated (2004)

    Capacity: 44,000+

    Tenants: Red Bull Leipzig

    One of three Red Bull Arenas in world football, the Leipzig German version is home to one of German Football's newest clubs, Red Bull Leipzig, founded in 2009.

    Having already achieved promotion to the fourth division of German football, the club have plans to reach the Bundesliga within their first eight years according to Welt.

Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium: Athens, Greece

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    Opened: 1896

    Capacity: 32,000+

    Tenants: Olympiacos FC

    Completely renovated in 2004, Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium is one of the oldest football venues in Greece and Europe.

    Olympiacos have been calling the ground home since 1925, and the Stadium is one of 13 Five Star rated UEFA Stadiums.

Mercedes Benz Arena: Stuttgart, Germany

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    Opened: 1933

    Capacity: 60,000+

    Tenants: VfB Stuttgart

    One of Germany's largest stadiums, the newly-renovated Mercedes-Benz Arena was one of the host venues for the 2006 World Cup in Germany and is the lifelong home of Bundesliga club, VfB Stuttgart.

Grand Stade Lille Métropole: Lille, France

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    Opened: 2012

    Capacity: 50,000+

    Tenants: Lille OSC

    The newest stadium in France, Lille OSC are certain to have a great new chapter in their club history under their new roof.

    With a capacity only outmatched by two others venues in France, the club will also enjoy a great new inflow of revenue as well as they hope to be perennial powers in Ligue 1.

Juventus Stadium: Turin, Italy

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    Opened: 2011

    Capacity: 41,000+

    Tenants: Juventus FC, 2014 UEFA Europa League Final

    Turin's and Italy's most recent addition to the footballing stadium world, Juventus Stadium is still not quite a year old, but already has seen an Italian Scudetto enter its trophy cabinet.

    The stadium's inaugural season in the Italian Serie A saw its club go undefeated in 38 matches to top the Italian footballing world for the 2011-12 season.

Vicente Calderon: Madrid, Spain

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    Opened: 1966

    Capacity: 54,000+

    Tenants: Atletico Madrid

    The home of Madrid, Spain's second club, Atletico Madrid, the Vicente Calderon is located near the heart of the city and will forever be the people's venue in the nation's capital.

    Atletico's stadium was also the first Spanish Stadium to be ranked as a five star UEFA Elite venue.

Stadium of Light: Sunderland, England

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    Opened: 1997

    Capacity: 49,000

    Tenants: AFC Sunderland

    One of England's top stadiums that at times are left slightly forgotten, the Stadium of Light is the fifth-largest capacity Stadium in English Football.

    Sunderland's home ground is one of two jewels of Northern England, the other owned by their rivals, Newcastle United.

Aviva Stadium: Dublin, Ireland

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    Opened: 2010

    Capacity: 51,000+

    Tenants: Republic of Ireland National Team

    One of Ireland's newest stadiums, the Aviva Stadium is a beautiful addition to the Dublin skyline.

    Recently highlighted in 2011 as the host stadium for the UEFA Europa League final, there are plans to continue expanding the footballing events in the nation's greatest new venue.

Sports Direct Arena (St. James Park): Newcastle, England

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    Opened: 1892

    Capacity: 52,000+

    Tenants: Newcastle United FC

    The pride of the Geordies, the recently sponsorship-renamed Sports Direct Arena is the largest Stadium in the far reaches of Northern England.

    While it will never be known as anything but St. James Park to many, the venue is known for its massive northern- and western-oriented stands that dwarf the southern and east sides of the stadium.

Estadio Municipal De Braga (The Quarry): Braga, Portugal

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    Opened: 2003

    Capacity: 30,000

    Tenants: Sporting Club de Braga

    The smallest of three famous and unique Portuguese venues that opened its doors in 2003, Estadio Municipal de Braga has a fixture unique to any stadium in the world.

    While the two massive stands that span the sides of the stadium have huge cables to balance their weight, one of the two open ends of the stadium is against a sheer rock face that hosts a massive jumbo-tron screen.

    The rock face has earned the stadium is nickname of, "The Quarry."

Etihad Stadium: Manchester, England

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    Opened: 2003

    Capacity: 47,000+

    Tenants: Manchester City FC

    Home to the current English Premier League Champions, the once-titled City of Manchester Stadium is was at times forgotten as one of the best stadiums in northern England thanks to rivals Manchester United.

    However, the club's recent return to success has seen the venue garner more praise as a top level venue in the world of football.

Donbass Arena: Donetsk, Ukraine

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    Opened: 2009

    Capacity: 51,000+

    Tenants: Shakhtar Donetsk

    A host stadium of the 2012 UEFA European Championship, the home venue of Shakhtar Donetsk is one of Eastern Europe's crown Jewels.

    With an ever-improving club hosted by the venue, it is certain to continue to be recognized throughout the world.

Luzhniki Stadium: Moscow, Russia

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    Opened: 1956

    Capacity: 78,000+

    Tenants: PFC CSKA Moscow, FC Spartak Moscow

    Russia's largest stadium, the Luzhniki Stadium is the home of fierce rivals, CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow.

Stamford Bridge: London, England

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    Opened: 1877

    Capacity: 41,000+

    Tenants: Chelsea FC

    Home to the current UEFA Champions League title holders Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge is one of London's longest-standing Stadium landmarks.

    The venue is the eighth-largest in the English Premier League and it is still debatable as to how long the club can remain there without expanding to a larger venue or renovating.

Turk Telekom Arena: Istanbul, Turkey

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    Opened: 2011

    Capacity: 52,000+

    Tenants: Galatasaray FK

    Turkey's premier footballing venue, the Turk Telekom Arena is the new home to Turkish footballing giants, Galatasaray.

    Although their previously-feared Ali Sami Yen Stadium is no more, the "Welcome to Hell," banners now hang from the tiers of their newest home which already holds a Guinness World Record as one of the loudest stadiums in the world.

Millennium Stadium: Cardiff, Wales

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    Opened: 1999

    Capacity: 74,000+

    Tenants: Welsh National Team

    The pride and joy of Wales' football stadiums, the Millennium Stadium was opened just before the turn of the century, hence it's name.

    Located in Wales' capital city, Cardiff, the venue hosted many major events in English Football during the renovation of Wembley Stadium.

Olympic Stadium: Kiev, Ukraine

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    Opened: 1923, renovated 2011

    Capacity: 65,000+

    Tenants: FC Dynamo Kiev, Ukrainian National Team

    The Ukraine's premier and newly-renovated home to football, the Olympic Stadium hosted the final of the 2012 UEFA European Championship and is the new home to Dynamo Kiev.

Mestalla Stadium: Valencia, Spain

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    Opened: 1923

    Capacity: 55,000+

    Tenants: Valencia CF

    One of Spain's greatest football venues, the Mestalla is well known for its steep terracing that sees the fans kept up close and personal to the pitch.

    The design of the stadium has seen it become known for one of the most intimidating atmospheres in Spain.

National Stadium: Warsaw, Poland

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    Opened: 2012

    Capacity: 58,000+

    Tenants: Polish National Team

    One of Europe's newest and most beautiful stadiums, the Warsaw located stadium hosted the opening match of the 2012 UEFA European Championship and will be the future home of the Polish National Football Team.

Emirates Stadium: London, England

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    Opened: 2006

    Capacity: 60,000+

    Tenants: Arsenal Football Club

    In order to replace a legendary ground such as Highbury, Arsenal FC needed a world class venue to relocate to in the mid 2000's.

    The Emirates Stadium has been just that since it opened its doors in 2006 as one of the biggest stadiums in London and is also known as a journalists' favorite as it is said the Gunners know how to take care of the press when playing host.

Azadi Stadium: Tehran, Iran

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    Opened: 1971

    Capacity: 100,000

    Tenants: Iranian National Football Team, Persepolis FC and Esteghlal FC

    Iran's premier football venue, the Azadi Stadium is one of the worlds largest Association Football hosts.

    Home to the Iranian National Team and two local clubs, it is the best stadium in Western Asia.

Estadio Monumental: Lima, Peru

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    Opened: 2000

    Capacity: 80,000+

    Tenants: Universitario de Deportes

    South America's second-largest stadium, Peru's Estadio Monumental, is a massive footballing venue in the small country.

    Home to Universitario de Deportes, the venue also hosts some of the Peruvian National Team's matches.

The Borg Al-Arab: Cairo, Egypt

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    Opened: 2007

    Capacity: 86,000+

    Tenants: Egyptian National Football Team

    Northern Africa's largest venue, Egypt's Borg Al-Arab is host to the National Football team and is the premier venue in the near Middle East.

    The stadium is among the 10 largest Association Football stadiums in the world.

Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium (Fenerbahçe Stadium): Istanbul, Turkey

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    Opened: 1908

    Capacity: 50,000+

    Tenants: Fenerbahce SK

    One of Istanbul, Turkey's largest and best footballing venues, Fenerbahce Stadium is a five-star UEFA-ranked venue and recent ongoing renovations have seen the seating capacity continue to grow.

Estádio Do Dragão: Porto, Portugal

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    Opened: 2003

    Capacity: 52,000

    Tenants: FC Porto

    FC Porto were not to be outdone by rival club Benfica as both entered new world-class stadiums in 2003.

    The Dragao was built as part of the plans for Portugal's hosting of the 2004 UEFA European Championship.

Parc De Princes: Paris, France

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    Opened: 1897

    Capacity: 48,000+

    Tenants: Paris Saint Germain

    One of France's most historic venues, the Paris located Parc de Princes has been around as long many of the most famous British stadiums in the game.

    Home to a newly-rich and rising club, Paris Saint Germain, it looks to be on the rise once more as famed stadium of choice in world football.

Estadio Da Luz (Stadium of Light): Lisbon, Portugal

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    Opened: 2003

    Capacity: 65,000+

    Tenants: SL Benfica, 2014 UEFA Champions League Final

    One of the three top stadiums in Portugal and the home of the nation's most successful club, Benfica, the Estadio da Luz is a marvelous venue for the world of football.

    In the years to come it will continue to be a benchmark for many of the new stadiums that are being built throughout Europe.

Olympiastadion: Munich, Germany

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    Opened: 1972

    Capacity: 69,000+

    Tenants: None

    The previous home of both FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich, the Olympiastadion is one of the most unique in the game and its history is not yet complete in the world of football.

FNB Stadium (Soccer City): Johannesburg, South Africa

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    Opened: 1989 renovated 2009

    Capacity: 95,000+

    Tenants: Kaizer Chiefs, South African National Football Team

    The premier stadium from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and home to Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, the FNB Stadium is one of the most beautiful footballing venues in the world.

    With a massive capacity of nearly 100,000, if you can actually find a way to tone out the incessant sound of vuvuzelas it is a remarkable stadium to admire.

Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Opened: 1938

    Capacity: 64,000

    Tenants: River Plate, Argentine National Team

    The home of Argentina's most famous club (River Plate), as well as the nation's national football team, the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti is amongst the best venues in the world for the game of football.

Allianz Arena: Munich, Germany

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    Opened: 2005

    Capacity: 69,000+

    Tenants: FC Bayern Munich, TSV 1860 Munich

    The Allanz Arena is the only stadium in Europe that can change colors. The home of Germany's most successful club, Bayern Munich recently hosted the 2012 UEFA Champions League final.

Westfalenstadion (Signal Iduna Park): Dortmund, Germany

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    Opened: 1974

    Capacity: 80,000+

    Tenants: Borussia Dortmund

    Known also as Signal Iduna Park, Germany's Westfalenstadion in home to current back-to-back German champions Borussia Dortmund.

    The famous venue is the largest ground in Germany and the sixth largest in Europe.

Amsterdam ArenA: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    Opened: 1996

    Capacity: 52,000+

    Tenants: Ajax Amsterdam, Holland National Football Team, 2013 UEFA Europa League Final

    The greatest venue in Holland, the Amsterdam Arena is the home of famous Ajax Amsterdam and is the largest stadium in the country.

Hampden Park: Glasgow Scotland

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    Opened: 1903

    Capacity: 52,000+

    Tenants: Scottish National Team, Queens Park FC, 2012 London Olympics

    Scotland's National stadium (and one of its most famous footballing venues), Hampden Park is one of six stadiums that will host matches during the 2012 Summer Olympic men's and women's football medal tournaments.

Old Trafford: Manchester, England

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    Opened: 1910

    Capacity: 75,000

    Tenants: Manchester United

    The second-largest football stadium in England, Old Trafford is the home of the nation's second most successful club in history, Manchester United.

    The famous ground has grown to hold a massive capacity of over 75,000 which is the most in all of the English Premier League.

Ibrox Stadium: Glasgow, Scotland

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    Opened: 1899

    Capacity: 51,000+

    Tenants: Rangers FC

    Although Rangers Football Club are going through the worst period in their history, their home, Ibrox Stadium is still an icon of footballing venues known throughout the world.

Anfield Road: Liverpool, England

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    Opened: 1884

    Capacity: 45,000+

    Tenants: Liverpool Football Club

    The legendary atmosphere of Liverpool Football Club's home stadium, Anfield is known throughout the footballing world.

    Although it is not a giant in the category of stadium capacity, it is the historic value of the venue makes it one of the greatest in the world.

Celtic Park: Glasgow, Scotland

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    Opened: 1892

    Capacity: 60,000+

    Tenants: Celtic FC

    Celtic is the oldest of Scotland's three major venues when it comes to football. Celtic Park or Parkhead, is home to one of World Football's most-storied clubs, Celtic FC and continues to be a fan favorite.

La Bombonera: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    Opened: 1940

    Capacity: 49,000

    Tenants: Boca Juniors

    Argentina's most famous stadium, La Bombonera has all the makings of a ground that will never be forgotten.

    The massive u-shaped stand highlights the lone vertical stand that has been known to shake when the club's ultra-fans reach full voice and create one of the most intimidating atmospheres in all of world football.

Estadio Azteca: Mexico City, Mexico

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    Opened: 1966

    Capacity: 104,000+

    Tenants: Mexican National Football Team, Club America FC

    The Estadio Azteca located in Mexico City, Mexico is perhaps the most famous football venue in North America.

    Home of the Mexican National Team and one of the nation's most historic clubs, Club America, it is the fifth largest stadium in the world.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro): Milan, Italy

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    Opened: 1926

    Capacity: 80,000+

    Tenants: AC Milan, FC Internazionale Milano

    Italy's most famous ground, Estadio Guiseppe Meazza—known as the San Siro for short—is also the largest in the country.

    Home to two of the nation's most fabled clubs, the San Siro continues to rise as a mecca of Italian football lovers around the world.

Camp Nou: Barcelona, Spain

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    Opened: 1957

    Capacity: 98,000+

    Tenants: FC Barcelona

    Opened ten years after their rival Real Madrid's famous Santiago Bernabeu, Barcelona's Camp Nou is the largest Stadium in Spain and the biggest in all of Europe.

    The Blaugrana has plans to make the ground even bigger in the years to come and will hope to continue to keep putting on some of the best footballing displays in modern history.

Santiago Bernabeu: Madrid, Spain

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    Opened: 1947

    Capacity: 85,000+

    Tenants: Real Madrid, Spanish National Football Team

    Home of Spain's most famous club and one of the world's most well-known organizations in Real Madrid, the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is a landmark of the game.

    Having seen some of the greatest teams in football history grace its pitch, the legendary venue is one of the largest in all of Europe.

Estadio Centenario: Montevideo, Uruguay

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    Opened: 1930

    Capacity: 65,000+

    Tenants: Uruguayan National Team

    Considered one of the classics in terms of world footballing venues, the Estadio Centenario is the only stadium to have been honored by FIFA as a monument of the game.

The Maracana: Rio De Janeiro Brazil

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    Opened: 1950

    Capacity: 85,000

    Tenants: Brazilian National Football Team, 2014 World Cup, 2016 Summer Olympics

    The Maracana: The name alone calls for reverence at one of the most fabled grounds in football history.

    In 1950 this was the site upon which Uruguay upset 1950 World Cup hosts, Brazil in the final 2-1 in front of nearly 200,000 fans.

    Currently the stadium is under complete renovation as seen in the picture above as the nation prepares to once again host the World Cup in 2014. It is hoped that there is not another Maracana upset on the cards.

Wembley Stadium: London, England

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    Opened: 1923, 2007

    Capacity: 90,000+

    Tenants: England National Football Team, League Cup Final, FA Cup Final

    There could be no greater stadium than Wembley. The pride and joy of the creators of football, the biggest stadium in England continues to impress after its most recent renovation in 2007 which saw a massive redevelopment.