Is Chris John Really the Best Featherweight Champion Ever?

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IFebruary 15, 2009

Many fight fans in America may not be familiar with long reigning WBA Featherweight Champion Chris John. Chris John is an undefeated fighter from Indonesia with a record of 43 Fights, 42 Wins, 22 Knockouts, 0 Losses, and 1 Draw.

One reason why many people may not know Chris John is because most of his fights took place in Indonesia. But come Feb. 28, Chris John will finally make his American fight debut against Rocky Juarez in Houston, Rocky's own backyard.

This is definitely a bold and even risky move for John seeing that Rocky will have the hometown crowd advantage; and I can probably guess at least two of the three judges will not be of Indonesian descent?

Am I suggesting that John is a protected fighter? No, but that remains to be seen. To be honest, I am really excited to finally see John fight in America against a household name on HBO.

John is probably best known for his big yet controversial win over the very talented and skilled Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez probably made one of the worst decisions in his career when he decided to take the fight in John's home of Indonesia instead of a rematch with Pacquiao or a fight with Barrera or Morales.

It seemed that going to Indonesia and losing his fight with John almost ruined Juan's career, while Pacquiao, Morales, and Barrera all sky rocketed to worldwide fame.

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It was pretty evident that Marquez could not win a fair decision in Indonesia and the only way he could win against John was to KO him. Well John was not KO'd, and now John has been an undefeated featherweight champion ever since.

Ironically John is now facing a pretty similar situation with fighting Rocky Juarez in his hometown of Houston. Juarez is the go-to guy for a credible name, or title eliminator.

It seems the politics might even favor Juarez, for he's always been fighting for a belt or for the title-eliminating spot for the last several years against: Barrera, Marquez, Soto, and Raheem. The politics may look long overdue for Rocky and his hometown?

Chris John on the other hand has a whole different view of himself. In an interview with ESPN, John reportedly made the comment that that he will fight another five or six fights and will retire as the best featherweight that the world have ever seen.

Well when the words "best featherweight" come to mind, I often associate the names of Armstrong, Saddler, and Pep, but hey if John belongs there as well, maybe we shall see? Crazier things have happened in the sport of boxing.

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