Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen: 5 Reasons Sonnen Will Win

Cody Guinn@@CKissGuinnContributor IIIJuly 3, 2012

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen: 5 Reasons Sonnen Will Win

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    This Saturday night, Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will finally have their long awaited rematch.

    At UFC 117, the usually unstoppable Silva was beaten by Sonnen for four and a half rounds, but Silva showed why he is one of the best fighters of all-time when he locked in a triangle with just under two minutes remaining.

    Now, Sonnen will have his chance to avenge the loss and get his hands on both Silva and the UFC Middleweight Championship.

    Here are five reasons Sonnen will leave Las Vegas on July 7th as champion.

Sonnen's Wrestling Is Too Good

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    Sonnen has out-wrestled Nate Marquardt, Yushin Okami, Brian Stann, and Michael Bisping and you can also add Anderson Silva to that list from UFC 117.

    Chael might possibly have the best MMA wrestling base of all-time. He knows how to combine his collegiate wrestling skills with his equally impressive all-around MMA skills.

    Silva's only defense to wrestling in the past has been his jiu-jisu, but you know Sonnen has spent the majority of his training camp working on submission defense, so I see no way for Silva to counter the wrestling ability of Sonnen.

Sonnen Is in Anderson's Head

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    Anderson Silva has never seemed as upset as he sounded this past week for UFC 148's conference call.

    If I recall, the last two times Silva has been upset by an opponent trash-talking him, he put on the worst performance of his career against Demian Maia and was nearly beaten by, you guessed it, Chael Sonnen.

    If Silva fights upset like he has before, we will see Sonnen once again dominate except, this time, he'll leave as UFC Middleweight Champion.

Sonnen Will Now Hold "Home Field Advantage"

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    This rematch was originally supposed to take place at UFC 147 in Brazil, but things fell through when the UFC couldn't book a soccer stadium due to the UN Conference Rio+20 happening at the same time.

    Now, with Sonnen not having to worry about the Brazilian crowd, he will hold the home field advantage. Ever since his first match-up with Silva, Sonnen's fan base has grown significantly.

    Las Vegas will no doubt feature both lovers and haters of both men, but I feel Sonnen will definitely be the favorite with the crowd on July 7th.

Sonnen Knows How to Beat Silva

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    Chael Sonnen said and showed in the first round alone in their first meeting that he knows how to beat this guy, and I believe he does.

    Sonnen knows when to throw punches, but he also knows when to shoot for a takedown. 

    Silva can prepare all he wants, but Sonnen seems to have Silva figured out and that spells trouble for "The Spider."

Anderson Silva Is at the End of His Career

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    It happens to every athlete, so it's not something Silva should be ashamed about.

    Silva has faced the best competition throughout his fantastic career, which over the past few years, has appeared to take its toll. 

    Silva seems to always have something injured and over the past three years, and on average, takes about six and a half months between fights.

    You might say that Sonnen is only two years younger than Silva, but in the early days of Silva's career, he was training nearly harder than he was fighting during his days with Chute Box Academy.

    Silva will always be known as a legend in this sport, but I feel UFC 148 could be the final time we see Anderson Silva inside the Octagon.