Cristiano Ronaldo: Best Player In The World?

William RocksContributor IFebruary 14, 2009

We all know who has all the awards, but do they tell the truth?

Cristiano Ronaldo had a great season last season where he went on a goalscoring crusade, scoring 42 all up. He received the FIFA World Player of the Year award along with other honours like Premier League Player of the Year.

Lionel Messi was ranked second in the Word Player of the Year gala. The Barcelona attacker also did well last season but no one could match Ronaldo. Ronaldo was clearly the best player for me and deserved every award received. However, what about this season?

Ronaldo was injured at the start of the season and has since struggled to find the same form. He is still playing very well and can still score a lot of goals. So far Ronaldo is on 14 goals from 32 games, great for any winger. He is doing his job for Manchester United with the team on their way to another Premier League title and still in the Champions League, FA Cup and the Carling Cup final.

They have already won the Club World Cup. So he is the man with everything it would seem, but will he still be rated the best next year?

It will be hard for Ronaldo to hang on to that title with Messi in the picture. Many claimed last season he was the best. It seemed ridiculous but now people are listening. I'll mention one thing, 25 goals in 30 games. That is amazing! Superhuman!

Like Ronaldo last season. Messi has also managed quite a few assists.

So, is Messi better than Ronaldo? It seems increasingly hard to argue against. However I think it is important to note a few things.

Messi seems to play more in the centre of the field and therefore can manage to get better chances at goal. However Messi can create a lot of those chances himself. Ronaldo was injured at the start of the season and may not be physically at his best.

Ronaldo is better at tricks than Messi and I can hear people saying that it doesn't matter but try to remember that football is about entertainment. Ronaldo seems to have taken up where Ronaldinho left off.

Ronaldo is the most exciting player watch in my opinion with his step overs and inside scissors and the list goes on. Its easier to name the things he can't do with the ball!

Unfortunately it is so hard to tell who is better because both are in different leagues and that makes it hard to compare them. Would Ronaldo be better in the Spanish league? Would Messi be better in England? Is Barca a better team than United? These sorts of questions always pop up when doing comparisons such as this.

I think in the end it comes down to the individual. I like Ronaldo more and prefer United. However I am not willing to say Ronaldo is better. In fact the stats seem to say something different. My tip is for Messi to be crowned World Player of the Year next year.

Either way both are great players and to have both players in one team would make for the best entertainment on TV.