10 NBA Players Who Need New Hairstyles

Natalie Saar@NatalieSaarContributor IIIJune 23, 2012

10 NBA Players Who Need New Hairstyles

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    The NBA is constantly evolving and so are the players. As time goes on, they're dressing nicer and even looking to get stylists! Despite this, there are still some players who either couldn't care less, or care too much about what their hair looks like. 

    These are 10 players who need new hairstyles.

Steve Nash

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    Steve Nash has been in the league for years and has yet to have a good haircut. For a very long while he rocked the long hair, which constantly was dripping with sweat and needed to be put behind his ears. 

    Then recently he chopped off his locks and opted for some odd cut that girls in the eighth grade were rocking. It's like a reverse mullet with side-swept bangs and crazy short spikes at the crown.

    This is, in fact, not a "look" and should be changed ASAP!

Joel Anthony

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    If you're on a team with Joel Anthony, it's hard to believe that anyone would make fun of your hairline, but people still get at LeBron. 

    Anthony's hairline has receded almost to the middle of his head. No one is really sure why at this stage in the hair-loss process he hasn't just shaved it off. 

Jimmer Fredette

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    More so than a new haircut, Jimmer just needs a haircut. The guy looks like he's still in college and rolled out of bed to go to biology class.

    This is a grown-up league for adults, the least he can do is get a big-boy haircut.

Manu Ginobili

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    The worst part about Manu Ginobili's bald patch is not that it's getting bigger, it's that we know he can see it! The Spurs clearly watch tape, so he has to be aware at that glaring patch. 

    Manu, it's tough to do, but you've got to admit that it's gone and just shave it all off. It's time.

Robin Lopez

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    At least one of the Lopez brothers has improved his hair game. The other needs to follow suit. Robin Lopez really needs to cut off the curls. Between his Shirley Temple 'do and scruffy beard, he looks like a mountain man who could really benefit from running water... and some shears.

Nick Young

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    Nick Young had some really great hair for awhile there, and it's obvious he took good care of it. Then something horrible happened and someone talked him into a hawk mullet of sorts. He was trying too hard in the pressers when he should have been trying harder on the court.

    He's a kid, so he has some bad cuts ahead of him, but let's hope this is the last time we see this!

Ronny Turiaf

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    Ronny Turiaf has had the same hairstyle for years. The only reason this is a big deal is that we know his hair is long since he has braids. Also, it's pulling his hairline back (we've all seen what Coolio is looking like these days). 

    It's time for a change!

Anderson Varejao

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    Anderson Varejao, you're already on one of the worst teams, you don't need to have a matching haircut. The big man has this full head of curly hair that would probably look good on a Brazilian model, but he's a Brazilian baller.

    Long hair like this only does one thing: get sweaty. For the benefit of everyone on the court, this has to go.

Louis Amundson

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    Louis Amundson seems to be preparing for a post-NBA career as a Fabio body-double or one of those androgynous models the fashion industry is in love with these days. 

    What is the point of having a ponytail? It has to be tied up for games and doesn't look that good with it down. 

    Locks of Love will be happy to take your ponytail, Amundson.

Marquis Daniels

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    Thick braids are not the best hairstyle choice, but Marquis Daniels doesn't seem to care. The Boston Celtic always had thick braids, secured in place so they don't swing around.

    While the thick braids are more inspired than thin rows, it's still nothing to get excited about.