What Are the Realistic Predictions for Greg Jennings in 2012?

Ben Chodos@bchodosCorrespondent IIJune 19, 2012

What Are the Realistic Predictions for Greg Jennings in 2012?

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    Greg Jennings is one of the best receivers in the NFL and he will maintain that status with another productive season.

    Jennings has the speed to beat defenders deep, but also the hands and toughness to reel in catches in the middle of the field.

    He is a polished route-runner and is equally effective on the outside as he is in the slot.

    These are the qualities that allow him to excel, and here are predictions for how Jennings will produce next season in each statistical receiving category.


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    2010 Stats: 76

    2011 Stats: 67

    Projected 2012 Stats: 81

    Greg Jennings is a pass-catching machine.

    He is Aaron Rodgers' favorite target, and he will lead the Green Bay Packers in receptions this coming season.

    Jennings hauled in 67 catches in just 13 games from Rodgers during the quarterback's MVP-winning season. He missed three games due to a knee injury.

    Jennings did not miss time in any of the previous three seasons, so another injury is not likely. With all 16 games to work with, expect a small spike in production in this category.


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    2010 Stats: 1,265

    2011 Stats: 949

    Projected 2012 Stats: 1,284

    Greg Jennings failed to record over 1,000 yards receiving this past season, but do not expect this to happen again. 

    Jennings fell just short of the mark due to the three games he missed, but he will go above and beyond 1,000 yards in 2012.

    With Aaron Rodgers continuing to play at an incredibly high level, Jennings will rack up yardage and receptions.

    The only thing keeping these numbers from being higher will be all the other talented receivers on the roster.

Yards After Catch

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    2010 Stats: 419

    2011 Stats: 309

    Projected 2012 Stats: 428

    (Courtesy of Pro Football Focus)

    Green Bay Packers receivers have always prided themselves on creating yardage after the catch, and none do this better than Greg Jennings.

    In both of the previous seasons, one third of Jennings' receiving yards have come after the catch. This is a trend that will continue.

    Jennings is a compact player who is exceptionally quick. He is deceptively strong and refuses to go down on the first tackle.

    This is one area that truly makes Jennings stand out among receivers across the league. He will continue to rack up yardage after the catch next season.


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    2010 Stats: 4

    2011 Stats: 7

    Projected 2012 Stats: 4

    (Courtesy of Pro Football Focus)

    Greg Jennings is one of the most sure-handed wide receivers in the league.

    He does an excellent job catching the ball with his hands and not his body, allowing him to be extremely effective on short routes.

    Aaron Rodgers trusts Jennings to come down with the ball every time he gets a clean look at a pass. He will continue earn his quarterback's trust and prove why he is one of the best pass-catchers in the league.

    Expect drops to be few and far between all year for Jennings.


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    2010 Stats: 12

    2011 Stats: 9

    Projected 2012 Stats: 14

    No receiving statistic is more volatile or more important than touchdowns. 

    In 2009, Greg Jennings caught just four touchdown passes, although he has been productive in this category in the past two seasons.

    Now that Jordy Nelson has emerged as a legitimate threat, teams will have a tougher time keying in on Jennings. In addition, Aaron Rodgers loves to throw slants and back-shoulder passes to Jennings near the goal line.

    These factors will result in a career-high amount of touchdown catches for Jennings.