Los Angeles Kings: What Each Player Should Do with the Stanley Cup

Jason Lewis@@SirJDLCorrespondent IIJune 20, 2012

Los Angeles Kings: What Each Player Should Do with the Stanley Cup

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    Maybe one of the most talked about things during the Stanley Cup winners' offseason is what the players do with the cup.

    Lord Stanley's cup has endured a world of adventures, both strange and normal. It's been left in the back of a cab, taken to Disneyland, and made countless cakes and jello-molds I'm sure.

    The Kings have 25 guys on the roster, along with coaches and staff, who will get a day with the cup. What they do with it is ultimately up to them.

    They can be normal and just bask in its glory at home, or maybe take it to their hometown. Or maybe they want to put on Spider Man costumes and blow chocolate milk bubbles out of the top of it. (Oh wait, that was already done by Dustin Brown's kids.)

    Either way, here are some suggestions for the players on what they should do with their day with Hockey's Holy Grail.

Jonathan Bernier: Take It Back Home

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    First up in the alphabetical batting order here is backup goalie Jonathan Bernier.

    He didn't play in a playoff game, but being a back up goalie on a winning team is an important role as well.

    Bernier is a Laval, Quebec native, whichl is one of the many suburbs of Montreal. The city is obviously one of, if not the most, famous hockey city. It's always a pleasure when the cup graces its streets.

    The 23-year-old should head back to Montreal and enjoy the great hockey trophy in a the great hockey city.

Dustin Brown: Take It to Disneyland!

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    Could you think of a better all-American way of celebrating your day with the cup than going to Disneyland with your wife, three sons and Lord Stanley?

    Come on. It's perfect.

Jeff Carter: Enjoy as Many Drinks out of It as You Want

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    Carter got a lot of flak in Philly for allegedly being a bit of a party boy.

    But in Los Angeles, he was welcomed, and he scored some huge goals in the playoffs. So I say, Jeff, have a drink or two, or three out of the bowl.

    It's your time to celebrate. Just don't end up on TMZ.

Kyle Clifford: Take It to Your Home...village.

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    Kyle Clifford grew up in Ayr, Ontario, just about 20 miles outside Kitchener.

    I will forgive you if you had to look that up on google maps.

    The village itself has a population of just under 3800 people. Why not be the hometown hero and head back and let them see it? It likely will be a once in a lifetime thing for such a small town.

    They have seen just one other NHL player in their time, former King Jay Wells.

Drew Doughty: Take It to a Blue Jays Game

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    If you noticed, Drew was wearing a Blue Jays hat almost all playoffs whenever he wasn't wearing a Kings hat.

    Doughty grew up in London, Ontario as a major Blue Jays fan, and the hat he wore throughout the playoffs was self-proclaimed as lucky.

    Thanks for the luck Blue Jays, now Drew, go show them some love.

Colin Fraser: Do One Final NHL.com Blog with the Cup

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    On NHL.com, Colin Fraser had been doing a player blog throughout the Finals.

    They were really interesting reads, and gave just a little bit of insight into the mindset of the players, and the game.

    I think it would be fitting if Colin sat down on his day of the cup, and did one final blog on....well, whatever he wanted. Just a nice full circle kind of reflection maybe.

Simon Gagne: Relax, and Just Enjoy It with Your Family

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    Gagne has had such an up-and-down career with varied success. Especially in the last couple of years with so many injuries, many of which would have made a player contemplate retirement.

    But Gagne persevered, even through this injury-riddled season.

    The 32-year-old should just take a nice personal day with his wife and two kids to celebrate.

    Because honestly, the guy is incredibly lucky not only to be a champion, but to be still playing hockey given the amount of concussions he has had.

Matt Greene: Go Back to Dodgers Stadium

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    The Dodgers loved Matt Greene. Don Mattingly loved Matt Greene. In fact, Greene had put on an entire Dodgers uniform, and gave the Dodgers the speech he would give the Kings during pre-game.

    Check out this picture of Greene from Jonathan Quick's Twitter feed. Here's another one of Greene, from the Mayor's Manor..STILL in the Dodgers dugout during play, talking it up with Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw.

    (Here is the ESPN article for just some of the action that day)

    Talk about really getting into it. Anyways, the relationship between the Dodgers and Kings has always been fantastic, and I can't think of a better ambassador with the cup than future Dodger and current Kings defenseman Matt Greene.

Dwight King: Celebrate Your Heritage

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    For those of you who don't know, Dwight King is the first Métis player to ever win the Stanley Cup.

    The Métis are one of the first nations of aboriginal people who roamed the areas of modern day Saskatchewan and the Dakotas back in the 18th century.

    Now I am not sure how connected King is to his heritage, and maybe it's rather presumptuous, but if he were deeply connected to it, it would be a hell of a thing for the modern day Métis people to celebrate with him.

Anze Kopitar: Go to Slovenia

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    Anze Kopitar has already achieved a God-like status in his home country of Slovenia. Now, it's time for the Messiah to return home with his prize.

    The 24-year-old had his country staying up until 3:00 AM local time to watch their man become the first Slovenian-born player to win the cup.

    It's something Kopitar admitted he was humbled by, and well aware off in this L.A. Times article.

    I would say spread the joy back home, and help the NHL grow on an international level.

Trevor Lewis: Go Back to Des Moines or Salt Lake City

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    People still wonder how Trevor Lewis got drafted as high as he did.

    But they should wonder a lot less after the postseason performance he gave this year.

    Lewis, however, does have to give a lot of thanks to his former USHL team, the Des Moines Buccaneers. The former first-rounder had several years of outstanding hockey while playing in the program, and it vaulted his young career into the CHL, and eventually the NHL.

    If there was a first step in Lewis' career, it came in Des Moines.

    A close runner-up though for Lewis is taking the cup back to home town Salt Lake City. The capital, and largest city in Utah, has surprisingly never had a cup-winning player, and has had just two other NHL players to date; former player Steve Konowalchuk and current Dallas goalie prospect Richard Bachman.

Alec Martinez: Visit the Alma Mater

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    Before Alec Martinez won a Stanley Cup, he was an All-American Defenseman, and a CCHA Defenseman of the Year at The University of Miami Ohio.

    The RedHawks have always had a great program, but have just two other cup-winning players, defenseman Dan Boyle, and forward Kevyn Adams.

    Martinez owes a lot to the program, and it would be a great boost to NCAA hockey, and the Miami U boys if they saw what hard work and dedication in college hockey could lead to.

Willie Mitchell: Just Enjoy It

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    After 12 long years, the 35-year-old Willie Mitchell has a cup.

    When you realize you are probably just a few years from retirement, it's that much sweeter to win the prize for the first time.

    Just enjoy it, Willie. Gather family and friends, and just have a barbecue or something. It's been a long time coming.

    Mitchell is also known to be an avid fisherman. Maybe take it out on the bay in Vancouver (Where he lives in the offseason) and enjoy some fishing.

Jordan Nolan: Enjoy the Day with Your Dad and Your Family

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    The Nolans are a hockey family.

    Jordan's father Ted had a seven-year NHL/AHL playing career, and has had a five-year NHL/AHL/International coaching career. His brother Brandon was drafted in the NHL but has played just six games, and has had concussion-related injuries that have sidelined his career.

    The cup has been elusive for the Nolan family, but they finally have the trophy they have dedicated their lives to thanks to Jordan.

Dustin Penner: Eat Pancakes out of It

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    The season, in many fans' eyes, turned for Dustin Penner when he threw out his back eating pancakes.

    At that point, the hatred for Penner went to humorous pity, and from pity went to a 'rooting for him' mentality, and finally ended with redemption.

    So why not just sit down and enjoy your meal of redemption? A half stack in the silver bowl just seems too fitting.

Jonathan Quick: Go Home to Connecticut/UMass Amherst

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    Quick is another notable collegiate athlete within the Kings organization.

    He, like Martinez, should visit his Alma Mater at Amherst, just up the I-91 a few hours from his hometown, Milford.

    Quick has become quite a celebrity back on the east coast, and he would likely be given a fantastic welcome in his hometown.

Mike Richards: A Bittersweet Return to Philly

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    Maybe it would look like too much of an insult.

    But it would still be a nice gesture by Richards. He loved the city, he loved the organization, and although he severed ties with the Flyers this last offseason, he still has a lot of friends and connections.

    Even in about January of this season, whenever Mike spoke about Philly it was always with a sigh and a kind word.

    If it hurts a little too much he could always do the hometown thing back in Kenora, Ontario.

Brad Richardson: Hit the Club Scene

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    Richardson is the teams self-proclaimed pretty boy. (As seen on Kings Vision and multiple between-period scoreboard pieces.)

    He's also a younger guy, dating an Los Angeles-based model, Lauren Hunt.

    So get out there and build your reputation Richie. You've got the hardware to impress even the snootiest of Los Angeles club-goers.

Rob Scuderi: Family Day

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    Scuderi has a reputation on the team as the veteran, calming presence.

    He won a cup with the Penguins, he is 33 years old, and has a wife and three kids.

    No wonder he is sort of the resident father figure.

    I would expect nothing less from the soft-spoken New Yorker, if he just enjoyed the cup at home with his wife and kids. Maybe go to a park, or let your kids eat cereal out of it.

Jarret Stoll: Get in a Round of Golf with the Cup

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    Jarret Stoll loves to golf.

    In fact, he holds an annual celebrity golf tournament to raise money for children's hospitals.

    Is there a better way to spiff up the celebrity gold tourney than to have the cup ride shotgun in your cart?

    And even if he doesn't want to do that he should still hit up Trump's course in Palos Verdes for a round with it. I'm sure the cup will be enough to cover his admittance. 

Andrei Loktionov and Slava Voynov: Celebrate Together

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    The two young Russian prospects for the Kings have grown up in the system together.

    So it would be fitting that they celebrate their days with the cup together.

    It's very difficult for young, European-born players to relocate at later ages and feel comfortable in the United States. It can be overwhelming quite frankly. But Loktionov and Voynov have always had a nice familiarity with each other being there.

    Celebrate with friends and family on your day, but celebrate together. The two have a mutual journey now that has brought them the ultimate success. 

Justin Williams: Ball Hockey in Cobourg....Part II

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    Back in 2006 when Justin Williams won the cup with Carolina, I thought he did something very cool with his day with it.

    He took it home to Cobourg, Ontario, a small suburb near Toronto, and invited all his childhood friends and neighbors to play a ball hockey tournament at the local rink.

    What probably seemed like maybe a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing for him and his friends should definitely be revisited.

    I am certain that after it was all said and done with the first tournamen,t someone uttered the words: "So we'll see you back here the next time you win it right?"