Euro 2012: Top 15 Fan Outfits so Far

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterJune 14, 2012

Euro 2012: Top 15 Fan Outfits so Far

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    Nearly a week into Euro 2012, serious questions are starting to emerge.

    Which teams have played the best? Which have been the worst?

    And most importantly, who's had the best fan outfits so far?

    Today we're bringing you 15 of the best, most outrageous fan outfits from the first week of European football's most prestigious tournament.

    As you might expect, the quality has been high throughout. Let's get right to it.

Cross-Dressing Dutch

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    Even if their team is pants so far this tournament, Dutch fans are always reliable when it comes to outrageous costumes.

    Like, say, this one here.

    I'm sure his mother is very proud.

Going Native

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    Nice headdress, dude. Didn't know Native Americans had crossed the Atlantic and colonized the Low Countries.

    Still, you get an A-plus for effort. And the bass drum.

Bring the Hammer Down

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    It's not so much the outfit with this one. It's the ridiculous prop.

    A blowup hammer, huh? Just like the Irish dropped the hammer on Croatia, right?


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    The Greeks haven't played like their mythical heroes of old, but their fans know how to dress the part.

    Looks like this fella might need to work on his abs, though.

Mix and Match

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    It's unclear what look this guy is trying rock, but I like it.

    For me, it's almost like a cross between a karate vest and a 1970s leisure suit.

    Ride on, plaid stallion!

Forza, Italia!

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    See? We shouldn't stereotype the Italians as a defensive footballing nation.

    These over-sized glasses and multicolored cowboy hats are clearly offensive to anyone's fashion sense.

A Frightening Viking

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    That's it.

    Euro 2012 is officially the cross-dressing tournament.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Too Much Clothing

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    Euro 2012 could also be called the tournament of the big, floppy hat.

    It's a shame, too. No one quite so attractive should wear quite so much clothing.

English Knights

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    It's nice to see some people going all out to support their country by wearing ridiculous, tacky costumes they wouldn't normally touch.

    Too bad those guys in the fake armor had to go and ruin the picture.

Straight Outta Bedrock

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    Dressing up as cartoons is cool and all, but it's way past time somebody came to one of these matches dressed as the Ambiguously Gay Duo.


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    This, of course, is a tribute to Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech, who has worn a customized helmet ever since this scary collision a few years back.

    So, I'm interested to see how some brave fan reenacts Croatian striker Eduardo's broken leg.

Love and Peace, or Else

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    I don't know about you, but I'm going to have bad dreams tonight.

    Absolutely chilling.

Beat It, Creep!

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    Is that you, Dr. Fünke?

    Three words:

    Blue. Man. Group.

The Obligatory WAG Shot

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    This isn't a fan, per se. This is Cathy Fischer, the WAG of German defender Mats Hummels.

    Cathy's dedication to Mats is much appreciated.

And Finally…

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    I sincerely hope there's something covering the undercarriage area.

    If not, God have mercy on all those poor Croatian fans. That's worse than watching Eduardo's injury.