Detroit Lions: 10 Crazy Ways to Know You're a Fan

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIJune 12, 2012

Detroit Lions: 10 Crazy Ways to Know You're a Fan

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    Being a Detroit Lions fan has not always been easy.

    In fact, before the recent resurgence of the organization, it was often rather difficult to cheer on the Lions.

    Poor management, a roster void of talent and a lack of direction for the franchise were consistent problems.

    But, the craziest fans stuck through it.

    The most die-hard of the bunch have always supported the Honolulu Blue and Silver through thick and thin.

    This is a list dedicated to the Detroit faithful.

    Here are 10 crazy ways to know you are a Lions fan.

10. You Remember Detroit's Last MNF Game, Before 2011

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    The Detroit Lions made their miraculous return to Monday Night Football in 2011 by convincingly defeating the Chicago Bears.

    It was a great moment to see the Lions back on MNF and in the national spotlight.

    But, do you remember the last time Detroit played on Monday night before this game?

    The answer is 2001, and the opponent was the St. Louis Rams.

    The greatest show on turf rocked the Lions to the tune of a 35-0 final score, as Detroit marched out the quarterback pairing of Ty Detmer and Charlie Batch.


9. You Participated in a Fire Millen Chant, Rally or Protest

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    Talking about the Matt Millen era is kind of taboo around Detroit.

    Everyone knows it sucked, and we have all moved on accordingly.

    But, we all remember how long it took to finally remove Millen from the Lions organization.

    The Ford family simply refused to pull the plug on a man who sent the Lions into the furthest depths of futility.

    Fans took part in rallies and protests calling for his job.

    Signs were brought to games and chants broke out as a rallying cry for his termination.

    Kudos to you if you were one of the fans who took part in any of these demonstrations.

8. You Are a Season Ticket Holder, and Have Been for Longer Than One Season

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    The Lions are suddenly a hot ticket in the NFL.

    They are drawing interest from around the country and are being featured in multiple nationally-televised games each year.

    But, there was a time not so long ago when Detroit could not even sell out Ford Field on a week-to-week basis.

    Local black-outs happened all too frequently, and fans would have to take to the radio to follow the action.

    The most die-hard of Lions fans had season tickets during the toughest of years, and are now reaping the benefits because of it.

7. It Was Joey Harrington, with the Piano, on Monday Night Football

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    Joey Harrington's reign as the Lions quarterback is not one that is remembered too fondly by the fanbase.

    From his infamous third down check down passes to his ability to never make a spectacular play, Harrington is undoubtedly one of the biggest busts in Detroit history.

    But Joey does have talent—albeit off the football field.

    He is a skilled piano player. Only the most die-hard of Lions fans will remember this Monday Night Football contest he participated in.

    It was part of a competition in which NFL players squared off in musical encounters to be voted on by the fans.

    Joey didn't win.

6. You Remember No. 20: The Other One

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    There was once a great running back for the Detroit Lions, and he wore jersey No. 20.

    No, not Barry Sanders.

    Him too, but I am referring to Billy Sims.

    Sims dominated the Lions backfield in the early '80s before a knee injury ended his career.

    He is often—and justifiably—overshadowed by Sanders, but Sims was a great player in his own right.

    To only remember one Detroit running back who wore No. 20 would be a disservice.

5. You Caught Yourself Signalling for a First Down Along with Roy Williams

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    Those poor Dallas Cowboys.

    It is hard not to smile when thinking about Roy Williams because of how much Jerry Jones was willing to give up to acquire his services.

    However, before he settled into mediocrity in Dallas, Williams was actually a productive receiver with the Lions—a Pro Bowl receiver, in fact.

    He tended to show off and celebrate meaningless first downs a little too often.

    At least he was productive.

    Lions fans will surely remember his first down point quite well and, while most will never admit it, some supporters surely made that point along with him at least once.

4. You Managed to Stay a Fan After the Mornhinweg Era

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    This one is tough.

    Managing to stay faithful to the Lions after the mishap that was Marty Mornhinweg's coaching stint was no easy task.

    This man was never built to be a head coach, and everyone knew it.

    Mornhinweg even willingly kicked off in overtime in one contest.

    It was a rough time to root for the Honolulu Blue.

    If you were able to stick through it, then kudos.

3. Name Every Lions Starting QB Since 1990? No Problem

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    The Detroit Lions have gone through so many quarterbacks in the last two decades that it is hard to keep count.

    There have been draft busts, aging veterans, average depth chart pieces and some decent players along the way.

    Only the craziest fan could remember them all, but here you go:

    • Rodney Peete
    • Bob Gagliano
    • Andre Ware
    • Erik Kramer
    • Scott Mitchell
    • Dave Krieg
    • Don Majkowski
    • Charlie Batch
    • Frank Reich
    • Stoney Case
    • Ty Detmer
    • Mike McMahon
    • Joey Harrington
    • Jeff Garcia
    • Jon Kitna
    • Daunte Culpepper
    • Dan Orlovsky
    • Drew Stanton
    • Matthew Stafford
    • Shaun Hill

2. You Still Reminisce About 1991

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    1991, you are so fondly remembered across the Motor City.

    Almost every Lions fan can reminisce of the season when Detroit went 12-4 and made an appearance in the NFC Conference Championship game.

    There was hope and optimism for the future, much like today.

    Players like Chris Spielman, Herman Moore and some guy named Barry Sanders were the reason to get excited about the Honolulu Blue and Silver.

    After over 20 years, is it time to move on?


    But, that 1991 season was just so great.

1. Lions Fight Song? I Know Every Word

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    If you hear the words "Forward Down the Field," then proceed to sing every word of the Lions' fight song, you are a true fan.

    Detroit's fight song may not be the most intimidating in the NFL, but it sure is catchy.

    "Gridiron Heroes" is one of the best moments of taking in a game at Ford Field.