Duke Basketball: Why Seth Curry Is Poised for a Breakout Season

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IJune 8, 2012

Duke Basketball: Why Seth Curry Is Poised for a Breakout Season

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    The Duke Blue Devils had a very disappointing ending to their season last year. Losing to Lehigh definitely was not the greatest moment in Duke history. However, next year is a new season and Duke fans can count on Seth Curry being an absolute stud.

    Curry has one more year left in college, and it is going to be a good one. 

    Read on to see why Seth Curry is poised for a breakout season. 

Austin Rivers Is Gone

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    Austin Rivers was the go-to guy on Duke last season. Now that Rivers is gone, someone has to pick up his point production and that someone is Seth Curry.

    Curry was the second leading scorer on Duke last season, with 13.2 points per game.

    Curry was able to score this many points per game only shooting the ball on an average of about 10 shots per game. Rivers leaving the team will definitely lead to Curry shooting the ball more for Duke next season. With more shots, comes more points or that is at least how it is supposed to work.

Curry Is Money from Anywhere on the Court

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    With a shot like Curry's, it is a mystery how he doesn't average 20 points per game. Oh wait, he did at Liberty his freshman year.

    The Big South may not be as competitive as the ACC, but Curry's freshman season at Liberty was no fluke.

    Curry took almost 17 shots per game in his freshman season. He won't likely do this next year, but if he did, he could easily put up 20 points a night.

    He shot 42 percent from the field last season. Not to mention, 38 percent from behind the arc. Curry's best talent is his shooting ability.  

He Will Be Playing His Final Year in College

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    There is something about a player playing in his final year of college that makes him so special. Just take Michigan State's Draymond Green for example this past year.

    In Green's junior year, he only averaged 12.6 points per game and 8.6 rebounds per game. In his senior year, those numbers skyrocketed. Green put up 16.2 points per game and 10.6 rebounds per game in his final year with the Spartans.

    Every player may not be like this, but it is all about the senior moments in a player's senior year.

    Curry has not had a season as good as his first year in college yet. He may not score 20 or more points per game next season, but he is definitely going to score more than he did last season. 

    Curry will be the go to guy for Duke next year, which will result in more points. 

    Look for Seth Curry to have a breakout season next year.

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