7 Websites and Forums Every Green Bay Packers Fan Should Visit

Ben Chodos@bchodosCorrespondent IIJune 7, 2012

7 Websites and Forums Every Green Bay Packers Fan Should Visit

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    It is a long offseason for Green Bay Packers fans, but luckily there are many quality websites to stay in touch with the team.

    From blogs to news sites, there is no shortage of Packer-related information hitting the internet all year round.

    Here are the seven websites that every Cheesehead should have on their bookmark list.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Packers Page

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    Click here to visit the site

    This is the gold standard of Packer websites.

    Wisconsin's biggest newspaper has a team of quality reporters that give the best insight and analysis available. 

    Whether it's advanced and obscure statistic you want, or exclusive interviews or just quality writing, it's all here at J.S. Online.

Cheesehead TV

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    Click here to visit the site

    This is the best Green Bay Packers fan blog on the internet.

    It is the brain-child of Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke. Nagler has since gone on to become a lead NFL writer here at Bleacher Report, but still throws up the occasional post on CHTV.

    If any piece of Packer news ever finds its way online, you can be sure that the excellent bloggers at this site will be among the first to pick up on it.

Jersey Al's Packer Blog

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    Click here to visit the site

    Jersey Al Bracco has built an excellent fan site that delivers quality Packer content all year round.

    If you are looking for a fresh, well thought out opinion on something happening with the Packers, you will be sure to find it from one of the talented writers on this site.

    There is a constant stream of new content on Jersey Al's site, and there is always something entertaining or enlightening for Cheeseheads to read.

Bleacher Report Packer Page

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    Click here to visit the site

    A shameless plug? Definitely, but that does not change the fact that the Green Bay Packers featured columnists, other dedicated Packer writers and NFC North blogger Andrew Garda keep the page updated with great content.

    Just like Cheesehead TV and Jersey Al's site, Bleacher Report's Packer page has fan-produced content that features original and insightful opinions. 

    The comment sections are always lively, so if you're looking for a place to interact with other people that are passionate about the Packers, this is it.

Jason Wilde's ESPN Milwaukee Blog

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    Click here to visit the site

    Jason Wilde is a top-class reporter and radio host and his Green Bay Packers blog on ESPNMilwaukee.com is a must-read for all Cheeseheads.

    Poignant and professional posts often featuring player interviews go up on the blog daily.

    Wilde is all over everything that has to do with the Packers and his is a name that every Packer fan should know.

Acme Packing Company

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    Click here to visit the site

    This SB Nation blog is another fan journalism site that offers a constant flow of engaging content.

    Bloggers consistently put up new posts and the site is filled with great links for Packer fans.

    If the other fan sites on the list still don't fill your appetite for Packer-related articles, then this site is sure to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Green Bay Press Gazette Packer Page

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    Click here to visit the site

    The sports reporters for the Green Bay Press Gazette are on the front lines every time something happens with the Green Bay Packers.

    They consistently deliver informative articles with information that often cannot be found anywhere else.

    No site has better access to the Packers players and coaches and this is a great place to go for all your Packer news.