WWE '13: The Pros and Cons of the WWE '13 Reveal

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIIJune 7, 2012

WWE '13: The Pros and Cons of the WWE '13 Reveal

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    Last week IGN.com presented a huge feature on the upcoming video game WWE ‘13.

    This feature included a trailer that revealed many of the arenas, characters and gameplay moments we could expect from the new installment of the WWE series from THQ.

    After watching the trailer multiple times since it was released, I have created a list of pros and cons from the revealing article about the wrestling game.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the read!


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    Let’s deal with the cons first.

    Yes, there will be a heavy amount of moaning and whining in these slides, but it is with very good reason.


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    Ever since the WWE graced the consoles of everybody’s choice, chokeslams have really bugged me.

    In the real WWE, when somebody takes a chokeslam, they land flat on their back and moan and whine as they try and cope through the pain.

    What happens in the games?

    The recipient of the chokeslam rolls backwards and ends up on their front in an ugly, unrealistic manner.

    I cannot believe they have not changed this in WWE ’13.

    The trailer revealed this by showing Attitude Era Undertaker chokeslam Mankind in the infamous Hell in a Cell structure.

    This is the first irritating con out of the 30 seconds of footage shown.

No Classic Arenas?

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    Undertaker was facing Mankind in Hell in a Cell—but in a 2012 environment.

    I am not happy about this in the slightest. I am well aware that Raw is War is coming back, but I think some old classic PPV venues should be revived so we can relive those classic matches.

    If they can’t fit them on the disc (which I don’t believe for a second (especially for PS3 blu-ray discs)), then I think that they should be included them as DLC for an extremely cheap price for each.

    Hell, I’d pay for King of the Ring 1998, WrestleMania X-Seven and many others. Wouldn’t you?


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    Let’s clear something up before I get annoyed about this point.

    In America, the WWF scratch logo is banned from being used at all by the WWE due to the lawsuit that the World Wildlife Fund dropped upon the World Wrestling Federation in the early noughties.

    This means that the old logo is still fair game, so I don’t know why it has been chopped for this game.

    If we cast our minds back to the WWF Old School Raw in November 2010, they used the old logo with absolutely no ramifications and everybody loved it...I loved it.

    We want WWF in this game! I have accepted the death of the scratch logo, but being reminded of John Cena’s Word Life every time I look at WWE ’13 is something that I cannot abide by.

    WWF. Get it?

Sloppy Tables

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    Announcer tables still look unbelievably rubbish.

    It’s 2012. Let’s sort out the dodgy announcer tables and the way they break.

    CM Punk’s elbow to Chris Jericho looks cool until they both crash through the table.

    Or at least that’s what it looks like. I’ve seen better graphics on the SNES—which leads me to my next point.

Outdated Graphics

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    The graphics displayed in the debut trailer of WWE ’13 are horrendous.

    I'm comparing them to current games that are/will be coming out soon, such as Splinter Cell, The Last of Us and others.

    WWE ’13 doesn’t even come close in terms of graphical prowess.

    I am extremely disappointed with this; you’d think THQ would want to make the most realistic game they possibly could. Oh, in some respects they have, but the graphics that let them down, along with all the other cons on this list.

    Hair still doesn’t look good, animations look clunky and as I said in the last slide, I won’t be asking D-Von to get the tables...


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    In all fairness there are a few redeeming factors that will save WWE ’13 from certain critical negativity.

    These next few points focus on the good parts we see in the 30 second trailer.

OMG! Moments

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    I am in favour of the OMG! moments that THQ are planning to implement into this year’s installment of the WWE video game series.

    IGN can explain the concept better than I can:

    “Much like the appearance of a ‘Finisher’ icon, an ‘OMG!!’ logo will appear above a character’s head when they are capable of executing these devastating maneuvers, which can quickly change the tide of a match—or even end it.”

    This means there is scope for special moves such as a ring collapse, an RKO from nowhere and god knows what else.

    This could be an extremely cool feature if it is used sparingly and can be monitored so as not to spoil ordinary matches and turn them into something they shouldn’t be.

Attitude Era!

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    Road To WrestleMania?

    Pfft I laugh at your archaic ideas...bring on Attitude mode!

    IGN explains the mode in their article;

    “In general, main objectives are simple (pin your opponent, grab the title), allowing players to advance the storyline simply by winning matches. However optional side objectives are more meticulous by nature, setting more specific victory conditions—asking players to put an opponent through a table, for example.Those looking to get the most out of WWE ’13 will want to pay attention to all the game asks of them. A wealth of bonus material can be unlocked by completing all side tasks, and there can be several per match. The developers have even included a few ‘hidden’ objectives, opening up further rewards if players decide to pursue a more comprehensive strategy for beating the mode.”

    This sounds like an extremely comprehensive mode.

    Not only does the mode have some exciting challenges and objectives coupled with a story mode, but it is set in the Attitude Era!

    Are they finally getting the message?

The Best Undertaker

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    THQ have undoubtedly included the greatest Undertaker in his 20 year career.

    Attitude Era Undertaker was the best. His attire, his dyed black hair and his spooky entrance arguably made this incarnation the most endearing character of the Attitude Era.

    Personally, I can’t wait to pit him against Austin, Mankind, Masked Kane and hopefully Vader or even Hulk Hogan.

Match Experience

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    This new feature known as ‘Match Experience’ will allow players to dictate how long matches last on their shows in Universe 3.0.

    IGN explains;

    “players will be able to adjust a setting called ‘Match Experience’. Three settings - “Quick”, “Normal” and “Epic” - will affect the overall pacing of a fight, independent of AI difficulty.”

    I think this is an extremely good idea for those who like to have an extremely realistic gaming experience as it will allow WrestleMania to have plenty of epic matches, and Superstars and NXT to feature many superstars as the matches will be quick. At least, that’s what I’d do...

    Are you pumped for WWE ’13 or is it going to be another disappointing entry in the WWE series?

    Let me know in the comments section below.

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