New York Rangers: It's Rock Bottom

Michael SteinCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2009

I'll say it, Scott Gomez: This is Rock Bottom. Gomez got quite testy with John Giannone last night when he referred to Friday night's 10-2 ass-beating by the Stars as rock bottom. Sorry Scott, it is what it is.

Giving up six goals, in a defense oriented system no less, is the textbook definition of what rock bottom looks like.

First, the Rangers look ridiculous on the powerplay. They were horrendous, but that has been a full year occurrence. The Rangers gave up three power play goals last night. I wonder what the stats are for teams that give up that many, and how few of them in turn, win the game.

For all the talk...By that third period, Valiquette played like an OHL or CHL goalie. Not even an AHL goalie is that poor. He did the same vanishing act in Toronto a few months back. Shit happens...I understand...But keep it together man.

Did you SEE those turnovers last night?  Especially that one by Gomez?  Eerily familiar of Marc Staal's near blunder against Atlanta the previous game?  DO NOT SKATE THROUGH THE CREASE WITH THE PUCK.

Let's see what we have so far on this team. We have a coach who isn't being heard.  We have a playmaking center who's routinely not making plays. We have two pointmen on the powerplay who aren't doing anything on the powerplay. We also have a sparkplug winger who is never inserted into this lineup. 

Our team at this point of the season is an absolute joke. The only reason we got a point in Atlanta is because that team is so piss poor, they didn't have the talent to capitalize. 

Basically, this is four losses in a row...And we're on the brink of seventh place in the Eastern Conference. This is also after our outrageous start. That makes this all so much worse.

As a longtime Ranger fan, I DEMAND changes due to this game. This game is the sort where coaches are fired, players are traded, and shifts occur. 

I believe the time is coming for us Ranger fans to band together and DEMAND change. Enough is enough.


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