Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Eagles Heroes and Legends

Alexander OnushcoContributor IIIJune 1, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Eagles Heroes and Legends

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    Every sports franchise has its own unique and storied past, and with it a number of local sports heroes. The Philadelphia Eagles are no different. 

    Philadelphia is a city that loves idolizing not only its best players, but also its most passionate. If you give your heart, sweat and blood for this team, the fanbase will reward you with everlasting praise and admiration.

    The following players are just some of the city’s most beloved football heroes.

Brian Dawkins

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    This one is a no-brainer. 

    Brian Dawkins is the epitome of a Philadelphia Eagles hero.

    His high level of play over the course of his long career earned him the deserved praise and recognition of the fans and the nation. His passion for the game immortalized him in the eyes of all Eagles fans.

    Dawkins offered a brand of hard-hitting football that Philly fans love, and he brought his A-game every single week. 

    He took command of the team and led a defense that annually was one of the most feared in the game. When he left, so did the heart and soul of this franchise; it hasn’t been the same since.

Chuck Bednarik

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    Much like Brian Dawkins, Chuck Bednarik became a Philadelphia legend through his passion for the game and his tough style of play. 

    Bednarik is remembered as perhaps the team’s hardest-hitting player. He starred on both offense (as a center) and defense (as a linebacker) and was known for his bone-crushing tackles.

    I wasn’t walking on this earth when Bednarik was playing the game of football, but he is still talked about with great admiration.

David Akers

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    David Akers may not have played the most important position on the team, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t deserving of inclusion on this list. 

    For whatever reason, Philadelphia fans were drawn to Akers. A large part of the reason may have been that during his long stay in Philly, he was one of the most accurate and consistent kickers in the league. 

    Even though Akers left the team on uneasy terms, he is still remembered fondly in the eyes of most fans.

Brian Westbrook

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    Playing on the same team as Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook is also a player who is talked about in high esteem.

    He was a versatile running back and excelled as a runner, pass-catcher and returner, making him a rare triple threat. That rarity and versatility drew the Eagles fanbase to him.

    What made him truly special and cemented his status as Philly icon was his tendency to make big plays when it mattered most. It was always a treat watching him take a broken play and turning it into a monster gain.

    Westbrook wowed you with his talents and his willingness to give his all on every play.

Merrill Reese

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    Yes, Merrill Reese never played for the Philadelphia Eagles, but he is as deserving (if not more so) of inclusion on this list as anyone else already mentioned.

    For the past 35 years, Reese has been THE voice of the Philadelphia Eagles. He has provided play-by-play analysis for the team since 1977, and makes listening to the game on the radio better than watching it on TV.

    Reese simply knows how to captivate his audience. He turns the most mundane of plays into an audio spectacle and leaves his listeners on the edge of their seats on every play. His passion for the game is obvious, and he shows it during every broadcast. 

    As a result, he has earned the adoration of the entire city of Philadelphia and rightfully deserves to be mentioned alongside Harry Kalas as one of Philadelphia’s greatest sports media figures.