WWE: Who Will Be the First Superstar to Tie/Break Ric Flair's Title Record?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 25, 2012


When it comes to how many titles people have held, the numbers can be a little tricky to analyze.

While many wrestlers have held so-called "World Titles," those championships may not be recognized as World Titles by major organizations like WWE and even TNA.

The NWA Championship is a tricky one because WWE will count it as a real title from before the 90s, but after that they tend to ignore it, like they did for Christian when he won it while under contract to TNA.

The person who is credited as having held the most World Titles is Ric Flair with an astounding 16 title reigns, but depending on where you check that number could be as high as 25.

For the purposes of this question, we will go by the 16 titles WWE acknowledges. With wrestlers in WWE having more opportunities to win multiple titles then people used to have it seems likely that sometime soon someone will pass Ric Flair's number of 16.

I had originally thought that Triple H was on pace to beat Flair's record, but a few injuries and a career shift to behind the camera has made that all but impossible now—unless WWE gives him a bunch of reigns in a short period of time.

Now it looks like there are a couple of guys who are likely to pass Flair, but the question is which one will do it first?

John Cena is a 12 time champion having held the WWE Title 10 times and the World Title twice. As the most decorated champion in WWE today it might be logical to assume it will be Cena to break the record, but I think it will be someone else.

Randy Orton is right up there with Cena, having held nine championships; six WWE and three World.

While Orton may be three titles behind Cena we also have to remember that Orton was a heel during the time when Cena was dominating the WWE as Champion for over a year.

Orton has the chance to take advantage of the fact that Cena is not the uber-popular star he once was and move into that top spot by gaining a few more titles while Cena is still recovering his image.

Cena gets booed or cheered randomly depending on the crowd on any given night, but Orton is always getting cheered and that means he may end up with a belt sooner than Cena.

Even though there may be people who are more deserving of an accomplishment like this than Orton, I do not think anyone else doing it makes any sense.

Being a third-generation superstar is no longer Orton's claim to fame; his talent and raw ability are.

Perhaps WWE will never allow anyone to break the record while Flair is alive, and if that is the case then Orton may not have a chance, but with the way Flair has been portrayed in the media lately I am not sure if his legacy is that important to WWE anymore.

Unless CM Punk starts playing Hot Potato with the WWE title I do not see him amassing 16+ reigns in WWE.

John Cena and Randy Orton are the two likeliest choices to break Flair's record, but only time will tell.

Who do you think is the most likely to break Ric Flair's 16 title record?


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