Washington Wizards: 5 Players That Could Help the Wizards Contend in 2013

Darryl FetzCorrespondent IIMay 16, 2012

Washington Wizards: 5 Players That Could Help the Wizards Contend in 2013

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    The Washington Wizards have a few players that could be the nucleus of a playoff team. There are other players such as Rashard Lewis and Andray Blatche that the Wizards would be better without. If management can find a way to move those two players, there will be cap space to bring in new pieces. 

    Right now the two biggest needs for the Wizards are shooting guard and small forward. Jordan Crawford currently holds the shooting guard job, but he would be better suited as a high-volume shooter coming off the bench. 

    This is a list of the five shooting guards who could help the Wizards the most this offseason. 

O.J. Mayo

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    Whether O.J. Mayo can learn how to be more of a complete player and not just a player who shoots too much is still yet to be seen. At this point in his career, I would still take a chance on him though. He has proven in Memphis that he can make big shots and can carry a team by himself at times with his streaky shooting. 

    He has also shown that he can shoot his team out of a game, such as the last five games of the Grizzlies-Clippers series, where he shot 6-34. That is 17 percent shooting in a playoff series, which is just unacceptable. 

    If Mayo can learn to play more within the offense and with his team, then he could be an effective shooting guard. At this point I still think he has it in him, and the Wizards could pursue him to give John Wall another partner who can score. 

Eric Gordon

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    Gordon is the most talented player on this list and is one of the best young guards in the game. There is not much to dislike about his game except for the injuries he seems to be getting hit with. If he can stay healthy, he is a borderline All-Star and could rejuvenate a franchise. 

    The big question is whether he would be able to mesh with John Wall. Wall is the type of player who needs the ball in his hands to be effective, and the Wizards should really look at players who can play well off the ball. In this case, I think Gordon is just too good to not go after, even if it means Wall will have to learn how to play off the ball just a little more. 

    Gordon may be looking at a max contract, but being injured so often, teams may shy away from offering him that much money. If the money is right, the Wizards have to pull the deal to land the young star in D.C.

Courtney Lee

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    If the Wizards are looking for someone to play off the ball from Wall, Courtney Lee is the perfect player. He does a lot of good things and doesn't take much off the table either. He is crafty enough to play without the ball and still have an impact on the game. 

    Because of his ability to knock down the long ball, Lee helps to space the floor and can be used well as both a slashing type of guard or shooter. With Jordan Crawford coming off the bench and shooting at every opportunity, Lee is the type of player the Wizards need to not take unnecessary shots at the shooting guard spot.

Danny Green

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    Green blossomed this year in the San Antonio rotation and fits into the Wizards system just as well as Courtney Lee does. A better shooter than Lee, Green would help spread the floor and open it up for both the big men down low as well as for Wall to slash to the basket. 

    Green can certainly knock down an open shot, and if he winds up with the Wizards, it will be Wall's job to make sure he continues his production from this year. Tony Parker did a great job setting up Green to be a great player, so Wall will have to maintain this type of point guard play. 

    Green is another player who would mesh well into the Wizards system and wouldn't need the ball in his hands to succeed. 

Landry Fields

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    Fields is unlikely to be available since the New York Knicks will have the first shot at signing him. Crazier things have happened, though, so if Fields does not immediately get re-signed by the Knicks, the Wizards should consider him as an option at shooting guard. 

    Fields is another player who works best without the ball in his hands. Not a traditional shooter, Fields is much better at slashing to the rim, but he seems to be as comfortable moving on offense without the ball than most players are with it. 

    While Fields is not the big scorer that Mayo and Gordon are, he brings a versatility to the team that it is lacking at the two-guard position. Crawford and Wall are both scorers first and foremost, so it would be nice to see a guard who is not so dominant on the ball. 


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    Out of the five, Gordon is the best player, and he would also help Washington the most. His scoring and star power alone will help lift up the Washington franchise, and he should be the main target of the Wizards this offseason.

    While I like Mayo, the Wizards should look at Danny Green and Courtney Lee before deciding that Mayo is the right fit, as Green and Lee fit better in the system than Mayo does. 

    Fields will most likely get re-signed by New York, but if not, he would be an excellent fit with the team.