Butch Hiles BJJ Product Wes Lane Set to Make Bantamweight Debut

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIMay 12, 2012


The Charleston Civic Center in West Virginia may be empty at the moment, but come May 18th, it promises to be filled with fans eagerly anticipating a knockout or tapout.

The arena will play host to one of the biggest MMA events in the state when the Reality Cage Combat promotion brings the action on May 18th.

A theme for the card has already been established with the mindset of "West Virginia vs. The World" being stated when looking at the rundown of fights.

The card showcases a number of West Virginians against fighters from numerous other areas. One of the proud West Virginians looking to carry the torch for the hometown crowd is Butch Hiles BJJ product Wes "The Limp Noodle" Lane.

For those who want to know a little more about Lane, check out an interview I conducted with the powerful puncher earlier this year. Lane recently took time out of his training schedule to speak with B/R MMA.

B/R MMA: How's training been going since last time we talked?

Lane: Training has been going great. I'm finally making the drop to 135 lbs. and surprisingly it's been fairly easy thus far.

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B/R MMA: Have you done anything differently in the lead up to this fight?

Lane: Started doing a little strength and conditioning just to get a little stronger and some muscle endurance. The past couple of weeks I actually went down to train and spar with Spencer "The King" Fisher. In just that little [bit] of time I can tell [there has been] major improvement in my game.

B/R MMA: From what you've told me this event is on a bigger scale than your previous fights (attendance-wise). Any added pressure?

Lane: This arena seats I think up to 13,500 people. I've fought there before but since it's the first time MMA fights are being held there I expect somewhere around 10-12,000. The most I have fought in front of before is about 6,000-7,000.

But there's no added pressure really. I know it's my home town and that's why I went the extra distance and made the drive to train with Spencer before he headed out to train for Sam Stout.

B/R MMA: Without giving away your strategy, how do you see yourself winning the fight?

Lane:  I want to give everyone what they are looking for; a highlight knockout! But with that said, I'm prepared for anywhere this fight might go.

B/R MMA: You've told me the guy you're fighting is likely a standup guy, does that motivate you more to try and beat someone at their own game given your tendency to stand and trade?

Lane: Yeah definitely. Nothing more satisfying than beating someone at what they think is the best part of their game.

It fits right in to what I like to do and that's stand there and bang it out. People don't come to watch two guys lay on each other for three rounds; they want action. That's what this fight is going to be.

B/R MMA: Anything new at Butch Hiles or in your life that's changed your MMA career?

Lane: Nothing too drastic; still the same struggles as before. I think everything is starting to fall the right way with training and other parts of my game.

The only thing I can do is strive to get better and hope someone notices the hard work and decides to give me a chance. Also, I've now joined the world of Twitter so you can now follow me @LimpNoodle135.


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