Mayweather vs. Cotto Results: 5 Reasons Cotto Was Mayweather's Toughest Opponent

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent IMay 8, 2012

Mayweather vs. Cotto Results: 5 Reasons Cotto Was Mayweather's Toughest Opponent

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    Floyd Mayweather was nothing less than spectacular against Miguel Cotto, but not without troubles.

    Cotto was able to make Mayweather fight in a way that delivered action and drama rarely seen in a Mayweather fight besides a few early-round scares (example: Mayweather-Mosley: Round 2).

    Mayweather has had to dig deep and survive some lively fights before, but possibly none as lively as this one. Here are five reasons Cotto is possibly Mayweather's toughest opponent.

5. Cotto Made Mayweather Miss

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    Floyd Mayweather is known for his accuracy, which can see him landing well over 40 percent of his total punches in a fight.

    Against Miguel Cotto, that number dropped drastically to 26 percent. Mayweather had to swing more and fight more. Through his wilder swinging in the heat of the moment, he missed.

    Cotto proved to have a better defense than many expected, blocking many shots and even slipping a others.

4. Cotto Made Mayweather Bleed

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    Floyd Mayweather is not one to bleed easily. Miguel Cotto made a rare occurrence happen early on in the fight.

    Blood jetted down Mayweather's nose like a river of invincibility running out the nose of the defensive genius.

3. Cotto's Jab Made Mayweather Defenseless

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    Floyd Mayweather was consistently bothered by the left jab of Oscar De La Hoya during his last visit to 154 pounds in 2007.

    Five years later, nothing's changed. Miguel Cotto's strong left jab not only backed Mayweather up, but landed often and made Mayweather bleed.

    Had Cotto relied on his left jab more, perhaps he could've won more rounds and scrapped out a split decision victory.

2. Cotto's Intelligence Made Mayweather Think Harder

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    Floyd Mayweather usually has a plan for everything. He just needs the first couple rounds to form it.

    Against Miguel Cotto, it took way more than the usual first few rounds to allow himself to adjust.

    Mayweather made small adjustments such as using his uppercut and landing a massive array of right-handed shots, but he never made a major fight-changing adjustment.

    The fight looked just as hard toward the end as it did in the beginning. For a fighter to make Mayweather work this hard, he must be his greatest foe yet.

1. Cotto Had the Perfect Package to Give Mayweather Trouble

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    Floyd Mayweather met an opponent in Miguel Cotto who had a decent amount of speed, good power and sound technique as well as good intelligence.

    Cotto didn't have just one particular thing that went his way, but a combination of various physical tools and skills that drove Mayweather to fight his hardest battle of his storied career.