Why MVP Is the Best Superstar in the WWE

Myles HubbardCorrespondent IJanuary 30, 2009

This is my first article, so if I mess up anywhere let me know—but on to the greatest article ever.

You might not agree with me, but I really don't care.

In 2007, I saw the debut of a new  superstar. 

I thought, "Wow. This man is special."

I said to myself, "This man is gonna be world champion for years to come."

His name was MVP.

To me, he was the best all-around athlete in the WWE. He had great mic skills and was amazing in the ring.

When he first started, the WWE gave him a big push. He first major feud was with the late, great Chris Benoit. They even fought at Wrestlemania nonetheless, for the US Title.

I said to myself, finally the WWE is giving a big push to someone who actually has all the tools to be great, if he isn't great already.

But I was wrong.

Instead of keeping the momentum that he had, the WWE has him go on a losing streak for half a hear.

Are you kidding me? You have the best talent on your roster go on a major losing streak? All the the storyline writers should be slapped—SmackDown, ECW, RAW, I don't care. I'm just glad they seem to be giving him a good face push.

Back to why I wrote this article. He remindes me of a young Dwayne Johnson. I think you might have heard of him?  He was cocky, brash, confident, skilled on the mic, and in the ring.

Now we all know how the Great One turned out, but will the WWE finally give the Greatest Superstar in the WWE a World Title run? I pray to God he wins the Money in the Bank.

If not, than Shelton Benjamin, but that's for another article.

If you disagree with me I'd love to see what you have to say. Until next time, peace, love, and MVP.