WWE Judgment Day 2000: Top 10 Moments from the Night Undertaker Returned

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 3, 2012

WWE Judgment Day 2000: Top 10 Moments from the Night Undertaker Returned

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    In less than three weeks, WWE will present Over the Limit. While the company has had a May pay-per-view for a long time, it was not always named Over the Limit.

    Most remember Judgment Day as the perfect name for the spring event. In 2000, WWE moved far away from the Over the Edge title and focused on creating a show for the ages.

    Did they succeed? Let's find out!

10. Opening Match

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    This summed up WWE during the Attitude Era.

    The matches were nothing special, but the crowd cared about each and every performer out there. On this night, a six-man tag team match opened up the show.

    It was Too Cool and Rikishi taking on Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian. In the end, Too Cool won the match and danced like they always did after a victory.

    However, this entire situation needs a history lesson. Fans often talk about how great WWE "booked" Kurt Angle. As always, wins and losses mean very little in this business.

    In 2000, Angle lost at the Rumble, lost two belts at WrestleMania, was destroyed by Big Show at Backlash, lost this match, was crushed by Undertaker at Fully Loaded, lost the main event of Summerslam and was defeated by Triple H at Unforgiven.

    Throw in a February win and a King of the Ring victory. That is Kurt's year before being in the main event scene every month.

    At No Mercy in October, he won the WWE Title over the Rock (through outside interference).

    CM Punk, in 2011, was pinned at three straight pay-per-views before winning the WWE Title in November and holding the gold for the past six months.

9. Hardcore Title

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    As great as the Attitude Era was, there was an equal amount of garbage each week.

    Gerald Brisco winning the Hardcore title was one of those moments. At Judgment Day, he spent all night trying to avoid a match.

    He wanted to take a nap, but he was almost attacked by referees backstage. Yes, refs almost went for the title. If that happened today, that segment would have been bashed forever.

    Gerald also went after himself in a mirror and took out a few arena vendors.

    Since it was in the Attitude Era, it must be amazing, right?

    Sorry. I loved that time for the wrestling business, but I can easily call out its faults. Gerald being in multiple backstage segments on a pay-per-view was not worth the time.

    Don't even mention him and Pat Patterson in an Evening Gown Match...long live the Attitude Era!

8. European Championship

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    Eddie Guerrero defended his European Title against Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko. For some reason, the Radicalz were breaking up, yet they ended up back together later on in the year.

    This triple threat match was fine, but most of the attention was outside the ring. Eddie had Chyna out there to help him retain the gold.

7. Chyna and Eddie?

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    Eddie was the heel before these two became a couple. I assume Chyna made him turn face, but that was not apparent yet.

    The two always cheated to win matches, and Eddie was never trustworthy. For some reason, fans loved this entire act.

    He lied, cheated and stole his way into the spotlight. Their relationship didn't last the year, but Judgment Day showed exactly what they could do.

6. Tables Match

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    The Dudley Boyz took on X-Pac and Road Dogg in a Tables match. Both members had to be put through a table in order to win the match.

    With Pac having Tori at ringside, you knew this would not end well.

    As expected, there was tons of interference, a ref bump and a screwy finish. Again, this was normal for the WWE a decade or so ago.

    Gerald Brisco came out and caused the Dudleyz to lose. The match was fine, but it really was a rare sight to see a clean finish these days.

5. Big Show vs. Shane McMahon

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    In April, Big Show was in the main event of WrestleMania with Shane McMahon by his side.

    In May, they were facing each other in a No Holds Barred match at Judgment Day.

    On paper, it looked like Show (now a face) would beat Shane. Well, that was never going to happen. A bunch of men interfered for Shane and helped him pin the big man.

    Show did not last much longer on television in 2000. He was involved with Shane for another story before being taken out until the Royal Rumble in 2001.

4. Show's Fall

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    Again, Big Show was in the main event of WrestleMania in 2000.

    No more than a month later, he was a comedy figure in the middle of the card. Show dressed up as Hulk Hogan, Godfather and many others.

    Whether it was a punishment, test or new direction, it didn't matter. The man was falling and fading fast. Losing to Shane all but sealed his fate for the time being.

    I am sure many would have started screaming and crying "buried" at this point, but that term does not exist in this industry. The big man went out, improved in every way and was a dominant monster again.

    Show is now a future WWE Hall of Famer.

3. Intrigue

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    The main event of the night was The Rock vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship in an Ironman match.

    However, there were a few other things going on here.

    First, Shawn Michaels was named the special guest referee. Of course, he was in the first ever Ironman match against Bret Hart years earlier.

    Everybody knew of Shawn's friendship with Triple H. He had screwed Rocky out of a title match just the year prior. There was definitely some interest in seeing this match go down.

    Also, WWE aired many vignettes promoting some sort of Judgment Day. Now, the show was called Judgment Day, but these promos sure seemed to promise something extra.

    I remember thinking that I knew what it was all about, but you just never know...

2. Main Event

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    The Rock and Triple H delivered.

    They were always going to have a tough task ahead, but both of them came through. Also, Shawn Michaels was a great referee.

    He added to the story, yet never took away from the match.

    With the score tied up and only two minutes remaining, you knew a major moment was about to occur. In grand WWE fashion, the company was about to change forever...

1. Undertaker Returns

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    You talk about a crowd reaction. You talk about a Superstar making his return. You talk about some major controversy to end the event.

    Undertaker comes out riding a motorcycle (character change), takes out Triple H, Vince McMahon, DX and his regime, all the while Shawn Michaels see this with time expiring.

    The buzzer sounds, and everybody is stunned.

    Would The Rock keep his title? Why did Undertaker take out Triple H? Did Shawn Michaels see this all? What reason did WWE have to close most shows in the Attitude Era with 10 people running out?

    In any event, Michaels gave the final fall to Triple H due to outside interference. He disqualified The Rock, of all people, and awarded the WWE Championship to The Game.

    A month later, Triple H would drop the gold back to The Rock in a six-man tag team main event, where Rocky pinned Vince McMahon. Yes, that happened! Another hidden gem of the Attitude Era...

    All in all, this was a solid show. It was mostly about the main event, but it came through in a big way. If I were grading this show, I would give the company a B-.

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