WWE Raw Results: Top 15 Moments from Last Night's Show

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 1, 2012

WWE Raw Results: Top 15 Moments from Last Night's Show

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    On Sunday night, WWE presented a very entertaining Extreme Rules event. With a tough task of following that up with a great Raw show, I think the company came through.

    It was not a huge Monday night, but it set up the next pay-per-view well and delivered a few good matches. On my grade scale, I would give the Red Brand a B- last night.

    What were the highlights? Let's find out!

15. Brodus vs. JTG

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    This was fun.

    Brodus Clay needs to continue winning, and JTG isn't doing anything of note. Thus, it was a very simple segment with nothing special planned.

    As most noticed at Extreme Rules, the crowd is starting to lose interest in Clay. That is normal after a few short matches introducing a new talent.

    The next step is getting involved with a story line. Whether it includes Cameron, Naomi or anybody else, it doesn't matter. It is time for Brodus to start wrestling in regular feuds.

    I did like the celebration of Clay inviting kids into the ring after his victory to dance. That will gain the young fans right away, and they will want to cheer for him when they see him live next time.

14. Backstage Segment

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    This was short, but it really set the rest of Raw in motion.

    Teddy Long was being humiliated once again when Eve Torres decided to give Mr. Excitement a little bit of a "pep talk." It was nice to see Johnny Ace confused for once (save the jokes), and it certainly made sense by the end of the night.

13. Tag Title Match

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    It was time for a change.

    Epico and Primo were not doing anything as WWE tag team champions. When my "it" girl, Rosa Mendes, is the true star of the division, you know there is a problem.

    Kofi Kingston and R-Truth make a nice team. I assume this would have been Air Boom, but that can be discussed with Evan Bourne. Yes, I am kidding.

    Either way, Truth and Kofi won the gold. Not many people cared, and we are back to the usual starting point with the tag division in WWE.

    It will show promise for a few weeks before meaning nothing again. Just a big cycle...

    After the match, Abraham Washington wanted to talk to the former champs. Of course, Rosa wanted to hear him out. Honestly, I can't see this ending well.

12. Divas Division

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    Layla defeated Nikki and Brie Bella in a triple threat Divas title match. She kept her title and walked to the backstage area.

    In a matter of seconds, the segment was over. Not exactly the big night most expected...

    It was later announced on WWE.com that the Bella Twins were fired. If that is the end for the two, it was fun while it lasted.

    Again, I continue waiting on Kharma. Until she is back, I can't find myself caring too much about any future matches with Layla.

11. Kane vs. Great Khali

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    This was a part of the Beat the Clock Challenge from Raw.

    Nobody cared about this match in Ohio. I doubt many fans around the world did. It was interesting for a few minutes, but it needed to end.

    Time expired after four minutes and Kane gave Great Khali a choke slam after the match.

10. John Cena Hype

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    Michael Cold and Jerry Lawler talked about how epic Extreme Rules was all night. They really made the show feel special, and that is great.

    Fans not buying the shows really need to feel like they missed out on something amazing. If not, why bother with the Sunday night pay-per-views?

    In this entire scene, they kept building up John Cena appearing. Just like the show after WrestleMania, it made you sense that something big was going to happen.

    It made me want to see the final segment that much more...

9. Live Crowd

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    The crowd looked to be sold out. They were very loud during the first hour. Somewhere around the middle of Raw, Dayton, Ohio just stayed silent.

    The live audience came alive towards the end of the show, but it was brutal for about 30 minutes there. If anybody attended the show live, feel free to comment on how the atmosphere was!

8. Miz vs. Santino

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    This was a good start to the Beat the Clock Challenge.

    Santino Marella was not defending his United States Championship on Raw. Thus, it was easy to see The Miz picking up the win here.

    He set a nice time (just over four minutes), but there was no way that was going to stand. Miz finally got a win, but he is not going after the WWE Title again just yet.

7. JeriShow Explodes

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    Chris Jericho vs. Big Show was a intriguing match on paper. However, these two just never got going.

    Add in a clunky finish, and you have a mess. Planned or not, something didn't feel right when the referee started to count both men out.

    Since we never saw any replays or mentions again, I am just going to assume something (or somebody) messed up. In the end, it did not matter one bit.

    Neither man was facing Punk for the WWE Title at Over the Limit. Show wouldn't work, and Jericho is on borrowed time in the company.

6. Daniel vs. Lawler

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    A heel had to win the Beat the Clock Challenge.

    With one match left, Daniel Bryan was taking on Jerry Lawler. In about two minutes Bryan made Lawler tap out. Then he had a stare down with CM Punk.

    Their match at Over the Limit for the WWE title should be incredible.

    Both men worked hard, and it is always good to see The King wrestling. As for the winner, I will discuss that topic shortly.

5. Extra Thoughts

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    This Friday night, Sheamus and Randy Orton will take on Daniel Bryan and Kane in a tag team match. With the Blue Brand needing some attention, this should be a nice main event.

    Also, can we officially stop the talk of any WWE Draft?

    There were tons of SmackDown wrestlers on Raw. I understand the brand extension was killed off a few years ago, but it is just ridiculous now.

    End the Supershow concept. Stop any future Draft shows. Something!

    Finally, the commentary team was really good last night. Cole stayed on topic most of the night, and Lawler was actually informative for a change.

    Keep up the great work!

4. Orton vs. Swagger

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    At Extreme Rules 2010, these two battled for the World Title. Jack Swagger pinned Randy Orton about as clean as possible in the middle of the ring.

    Two years later, they are wrestling on Raw in a four-minute match. This time, Orton is the man picking up the victory.

    He was leading the Beat the Clock Challenge at this point. It wouldn't last, but his match with Swagger was very good.

    Also, Vickie Guerrero looked stunning at ringside. She is always a sight for sore eyes.

3. Closing Segment

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    Like most, I thought Lord Tensai was going to face John Cena at Over the Limit. It made the most sense and would be a huge test for the "new" big man.

    Once John Laurinaitis came out to talk, I suspected something was up. When Tensai's music interrupted him, my doubts were confirmed.

    John Cena wasn't facing Tensai.

    Cena was going to wrestle Mr. Excitement! With the help of Sakamoto and "Albert" (ridiculous fans), they left Cena laying on Raw.

    That was definitely a nice twist, but it is not as bad as some think. The GM is not as old as some think and is a former wrestler.

    He can likely still perform a few moves, and him being in there with Cena will make for an interesting night. Add in some sort of stipulation, and you could have a very fun brawl at Over the Limit.

    Another bright side to this announcement is holding off on Lord Tensai vs. John Cena on pay-per-view. Now, WWE can drag that out for another month or two.

    Then the WWE Universe can get Tensai vs. Cena!

2. WWE Universe Challenge

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    At Over the Limit, Daniel Bryan will wrestle CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

    Read that sentence again. That is like a dream come true for some of their long-time fans. It is almost surreal to think about that match being on pay-per-view.

    In three weeks, it will become a reality. Now, the WWE Universe needs to show the company how valuable these two truly are.

    Right now, go click the "Buy" button on your cable station for Over the Limit. Make the purchase right now! If you are in the area, go and purchase a ticket to attend Over the Limit as soon as possible.

    Show WWE these two are draws!

    Tell them (with you wallets) that you want to see Punk and Bryan main event more shows!

    Convince all the doubters out there that these wrestlers can create major business together!

    Go. Do it now. Let the world know that these two are the next generation of WWE and are worthy of being at the top of the card from now on. Prove them wrong!

    If not, then go get ready to visit the usual illegal stream site for free. Be prepared for a low buy rate and watch as these two never see a main event again. Show the company you can support them.

    This is your chance folks...

1. Raw Opening

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    As expected, there was very little mention of Brock Lesnar actually losing at Extreme Rules. Just like Triple H at Wrestle Mania XXVII last year, it is almost as if he won (not lost). No credibility lost at all!

    The opening to Raw was excellent. Lesnar and Laurinaitis were messing with the crowd when Triple H came out to talk about a few executive decisions.

    Thankfully, Lesnar did not speak too much this week. He really is best at being a silent monster.

    In the video I posted, you can see Triple H quietly say, "Here we go!" at 8:39...

    It was only a matter of time before Brock attacked Triple H. When he did, it was an amazing moment. The two had very little interaction during 2002-2004, so this was a big moment.

    I think they competed in a triple threat match with The Rock once in 2002. Outside of that, there is not much history between them in WWE.

    Back to Raw, Lesnar "broke" The Game's arm and was escorted out of the arena. Triple H was helped to the back by many wrestlers.

    It was a nice start to their feud that will likely play out over the next few months. I expect both men to be off Raw for a few weeks (or months) before we get the inevitable battle on pay-per-view.

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